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This week marked the NAWR ANOIS in Swansea with Mick O’Shea travelling from Cork to play with Rhodri Davies in the BBC Hall, proceeded by a performance by Welsh/Irish flutist Emma Coulthard. The above photo shows Mick sound-checking his sound system. Below is a video of his performance with Rhodri Davies. Other photos & videos from the concert can be seen here.

NAWR ANOIS is a series of 7 concerts, running from February to July 2018. The series showcases the diverse music of contemporary Irish, Welsh and international artists.

In this week’s post: View image button, thermal resonator, Watson in Unity, realtime underground, building a programming horse, neural network chip, Virgin Hyperloop in India, supernova photo, everyday is a gift and the Dyson Orchestra!

Each Friday I share some of the best things I encounter, from the internet mostly but also from real life! Hopefully what I find interesting will also be interesting to you :-)

Cardiff V Munster

Ian Keatley kicking at goal

Munster lost their Pro14 Rugby match against Cardiff Blues by 25 points to 18 last week. Here are all my pitchside photos from the match.

Google Removes View Image Button

Google has removed the View Image button to make it harder to steal images and encourage users to visit websites and view any associated image copyright information.

MIT Thermal Resonator

Researchers at MIT have developed a thermal resonator that can generated small amounts of electricity from gradual daily temperature fluctuations.

IBM Watson Unity SDK

IBM have released a Watson Unity SDK to allow developers to use the API to include language, speech and vision AI features in AR and VR applications.

Real Time London Underground

Here is a snazzy minimal site that gives you real time London underground information.

Neural Networks Mobile Chip

Researchers at MIT have developed a chip designed to be used for neural networks processing. The new chip has 95% less power consumption than standard mobile processors and models the input values of nodes in a neural network directly using voltage levels.

Virgin Hyperloop One in India

India intends to build a Virgin Hyperloop between Pune and Mumbai, starting with an operation demonstration track.

Supernova Photo

Victor Buso, an Argentinian amateur astronomer captured a star going supernova while testing his 16-inch telescope.

Everyday Is A Gift

A recent episode of the Tim Ferris show podcast has Tim interview Mike Maples, a Silicon Valley VC from texas. The interview is very interesting and Mike’s viewpoint and philosophy on life is very powerful. It is well worth a listen.

Cool Thing Of The Week: Dyson Orchestra

Dyson employees created musical instruments using Dyson parts and accompany the Orion orchestra in a performance.

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