Her future mirrors that of the GOP, predicting a future of conservative policy objectives or a maturation of Trumpian rage

Conway and right-wing firebrand, Charlie Kirk, Wikipedia

As the era of Donald Trump-in-office comes to a close, Americans must contend with a party unencumbered by the guiding light of any discernible platform. The Republican party is in shambles, and the assault on the Capitol that occurred five weeks ago is a testament to this breakage within the party. To be clear, this erosion of substance did not begin with Donald Trump, but his presidency has cast a long and damaging shadow over what was once the ‘Party of Lincoln,’ as well as the Party of Reagan, Bush(s), McCain, and Romney.

That these former bellwethers each held problematic…

The January Sedition lacked a hallmark component of the revolution these misguided rioters purported to represent

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Thomas Hobbes proclaims in his iconic example of the sovereign, Leviathan, that life without the unassailable direction of a sovereign authority would be violent, brutish, and short. He of course was discussing a monumental shift in human discourse that saw sovereignty remade in the European image, rent from the riotous sovereign embedded within ancient cultures that sought to explain a pantheon of Earth-shattering natural disasters as the sovereign wrath of innumerable, displeased Gods.

It is no coincidence that Trump and others began to rise to distorted prominence while our nation was governed by its first Black president

What we witnessed…

Foreign Policy in the Biden Era

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have put up a telling protest against Iranian friendliness.

Segment of the Dubai skyline, Pixy.

American leaders clinging to the past four years of partisanship are signaling even greater pressure on long term allies in the Middle East. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have both come out today in protest against a new vision of diplomacy for the region.

Coming from a pair of nations that have only recently reconciled a mutual and decades-long travel ban — if in name only — the rallying against diplomatic pursuits is a telling one. It shows us that status quo decision making and leadership radiated from the Oval Office is what this pair of allies would like…

A shift in foreign policy under the Biden administration is going to reimagine how we participate with states in the Middle East.

Tehran, Pinterest

With the naming of William Burns to head up CIA this week, Biden has solidified a core team of diplomatic managers to take on the ‘Iran problem’ staring down the United States. In fact, this effort is poised to become his administration’s crowning foreign policy achievement.

The Islamic Republic has been a constant blight on American efforts in the region since 1979’s siege of the American Embassy in Tehran and resulting embargo a generation ago. Burns, alongside Tony Blinken and John Kerry represent a group of familiar faces dealing with diplomatic solutions in the ongoing saga of Iranian-American relations, and…

Rejoice for democracy, even if your preferred candidate lost

University of Pennsylvania

The Georgia Senate runoff races have now mostly concluded. And the Trumpian party of stooges has been vanquished — if but for just this solitary snapshot in time. This morning is a space to allow hope back in; it’s a time to rejoice for the future of our nation and its people who have suffered such tragedy in the last year. This is a morning to celebrate the path forward that promises to rectify the even greater harms inflicted beyond any singular transgression suffered during the previous four.

Regardless of your personal politics, favored candidates, or hopes for a future…

Knowledge is the sole armament that may defeat voter suppression


There is a surprisingly simple path to electoral victory through voter denial in the current virus climate. This statement should be jarring to anyone reading it, and yet voter disenfranchisement has been commonplace in both our modern and historical America.

The Motive

Jim Crow laws enacted to strip black Americans of their liberties throughout the early twentieth century focused primarily on one aspect of black mobility: voting. The racists knew then as they know now: In order to keep black people down, you must keep them out of the voting booth.

As a brief aside, it is simple fact that…

Breaking rules abroad has never been so thought provoking.

Public domain vectors

The sun was setting over a small town in the far north of the Guatemalan forest land. We had all escaped for a weekend break, rumbling out of Guatemala City on an eight-hour overnight bus journey to see the Mayan ruins at Tikal.

The morning had been early, and the sun hot, but all six of us managed to hike around the gigantic complex of temples, dwellings, and commercial spaces that once writhed with life. Now a different sort of life saturated the countless stone structures: Ray Bans and Nikon cameras — aliens to the two thousand year old habitat.

Last week Hertz sunk back to .80 before launching to $6.83


I have been away from the computer for the last few days and have missed a lot in terms of Hertz updates. After news spread of Carl Ichan’s exit at a $1.6 billion loss, Hertz took another dive back down to .80 per share. Negativity around the company began to rise again and speculation suggested that the surge above a dollar per share was a fluke.

However, airline schedule announcements to end last week sent Hertz and much of the booking industry on a rapid move. Hertz in particular rose to over $2 a share Friday. …

2020 Election

Steve King, Iowa’s most famous racist is shown the back door out of Congress


Republican voters in Iowa rejected Steve King’s rare breed of inept racism in Tuesday’s state primary, denying him the chance to run for a 10th term in office in November’s election.

Steve King has unashamedly asked why ‘white supremacy’ is an offensive term, claimed that rape and incest are the primary drivers of human civilization, and lamented the future direction of the nation under the guidance of “someone else’s babies.” Segregated from his overt connections to Neo-Nazi political entities in Europe, or his cozy relationship with them back home, these opinions are jarring.

He is an unashamed champion of the…

The United States government cannot declare war on its citizens


Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, on call with governors Monday, declared: “we need to dominate the battlespace.”

But America is not a battlespace. Military terminology does not apply here because a government cannot declare war on its own civilians: Our federal apparatus exists to serve our needs, not the other way around. This sickening reversal is not a new trend and can be found across the expanse of government — not just in the current moment of protest against police brutality.

The deployment of military police and helicopters to disperse protest signals the intention of a federal government in conflict…

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