Dave Feldman

Product designer, beer & food lover, skier in San Francisco. PM at Google. Former Emu, CrunchFund, AOL, Yahoo. Opinions are my own.

Writing Notifications That Don’t Suck

Turn a stressful moment into a delightful one

Remember the Desktop Cleanup Wizard from Windows XP? It popped up regularly…

For Every Animation, an Equal and Opposite Gesture

Mobile experiences are becoming ever more gestural. It started with small, optional functionality like swipe menus…

Stky 2: Your Daily Sticky Note, Now With Siri Integration

Have you ever looked at your to-do list, thrown up your hands in despair, and grabbed a sticky note instead?

A Smart Watch I’d Actually Wear

A Design Spec in a Post

I’ve started wearing a watch again. I was sick of fishing my phone out of my jeans just to see the time. I…

Discrimination in Tech Runs Deep

Sexism. Ageism. Bro culture. Hedonism. Increasingly, the Silicon Valley we see painted in the press is one of a giant, wealthy frat house.

So Much Information, So Little Space: Evolving Emu’s UX

In 2012, I missed a meeting. The founder of a well-known tech company had emailed me, asking to meet up. We’d picked a time…

Brutal Honesty Doesn’t Work

Everyone hates corporate politics. They waste time, energy, and resources. They’re just plain infuriating.

Hatching Emu: Making Technology That’s Actually Helpful

A year ago, I teamed up with my co-founder, Gummi Hafsteinsson, to found Emu. Our mission: make technology into the labor-saving

The Problem with Android is Choice

Android is flexible. Most reviews tout that as a key advantage of the operating system, particularly when it’s being compared with iOS. To quote recent…