I almost starved myself yesterday.

I have been here just over 24 hours and I love this place already. As I’m writing this I’m probably at like hour 32 and I already feel a lot slower in pace and my mind is light (given I haven’t started classes).

Yesterday was a different story. At about hour 8, I was way too intimidated to leave my hotel room, given that I don’t speak Italian yet. I almost didn’t eat last night because I was so afraid to interact with anyone. It wasn’t until 7pm that I realized I couldn’t go another hour without food. I hopped on Yelp and found a pizza parlor 2 minutes away from my hotel, Trieste. I couldn’t resist! Got dressed and walked over. The guy who took my order spoke English and was very welcoming. I felt at ease. I ordered 2 pizzas — sausage/broccoli and sausage/potato — and a coke. Absolutely delish!

About 3 euros a piece.

I sat outside on someone’s porch and ate my pizza, with not one worry in the world. As I watched people pass by, I couldn’t believe that I was actually here. Sitting on a stoop in the middle of Rome, alone.. with pizza and a coke. How unreal is that?

After I finished, I took a walk. About 5 minutes later, I ended up in Piazza dell’Esquilino, which houses one of the most important churches in Rome (according to Google), Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. I sat and sketched some of its windows and arcs, then I walked back to my hotel.

Views from the square.

In retrospect, I don’t understand why I didn’t want to leave my room but I’m super happy I did. Language barriers is a part of the experience and you can’t overcome the barrier unless you get out and just go.

Trieste Pizza . Via Urbana, 112, 00184 Roma .

Hotel Ivanhoe . Via Urbana, 92a, 00184 Roma .

Piazza dell’Esquilino . Piazza dell’Esquilino, Roma .

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