Apple watchOS 4 Wishlist

wait “Bekah” is a name?

So let’s be honest the iPhone receives (and clearly deserves) most of the buzz. But let’s talk Apple Watch for a minute. Specifically watchOS 4. We’ll likely see the beta in June and a release in the fall. But it’s never too early for a good old-fashioned wishlist. I've captured below a shortlist of features myself (a day 1 user) and others have been clamoring for. For this discussion we’ll stick to software concerns only.

An always-on display.

Yup this is first. Every other watch in the world… (OK almost every other) has this feature. Raising your wrist, or turning of the Series 2 dial do work pretty well. But sometimes you want to check the time by glancing out of the corner of your eye. Or in a given moment, just don’t want to move your wrist or tap anything. Maybe you’re lying down or holdings things in an awkward position, or your arm is just tired. That happens. I think we’d all settle for a simple version of just the time (no colors or complications). Then a raise or tap gets you the full experience. Rumors state Apple is focusing on improved battery life ( so fingers crossed this affords us the always-on display.

A native podcast experience

Everyone’s listening to Podcasts now (actually everyone has been listening...) and we need a native podcast app. Not simply media controls for what’s playing on our phone.

The Watch currently handles music and photos no problem. Clearly there’s no technical limitation here.

This also grants us that nice independence from our phone especially since Bluetooth headphones are kinda sorta catching on (hooray Airpods).

1pm is definitely the most random time for a cardio boot camp

Easy access to volume control.

A swipe up previously worked pretty well but now Control Center pops up instead. A bunch of often unused-toggles. And only one page (unlike iOS). So if we want quick volume control we have to tap and poke around.

Lastly, why are we still stuck on a current month only calendar!?

Here’s to hoping 2017 will bring us one month ahead.

OK those are just a few, let me know if I missed anything below!

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