Injury Impact: Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Sunday’s action brought yet another catastrophic injury for the NFL and fantasy football. Aaron Rodgers was lost in the first quarter to what was later confirmed to be a broken collarbone. Rodgers will miss most if not the rest of the regular season, eliminating him for the rest of the fantasy season.

Anthony Barr did the damage on the play below. Now we’re left to dissect what this means for fantasy purposes going forward.

NFL Update @MySportsUpdate
Here’s the Aaron Rodgers injury… fell right on his right shoulder….
1:22 PM — Oct 15, 2017

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Brett Hundley

After Hundley entered the game for the injured Rodgers, his first pass attempt was promptly intercepted. I wish I could tell you that Hundley’s performance improved later, but I don’t like to lie to people. Hundley ended the day with 3 interceptions to 1 touchdown, added a fumble and ended the day with a 54.5% completion percentage. I typically don’t mention QB ratings, but in this case, I feel the need to make an exception. On the day Hundley finished with a 39.6 QB rating, that’s just not very good. Hundley hasn’t been receiving starting reps during practice, so I’m willing to allow that it may be best to reserve judgment for a few games.

Hundley has an impressive SPARQ score on the aggregate, but that’s built off the back of speed, burst, and agility. Where Hundley is lacking was the Wonderlic, which I don’t put any stock in, and more importantly his throw velocity. Aaron Rodgers PlayerProfiler page lacks his throw velocity, but I’ll go out on a limb and guess it’s much higher than 53 MPH. I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that DeShaun Watson is another player with a low throw velocity, 49 MPH to be exact, but that hasn’t hindered him from being one of the top scoring QBs since he ascended to the starter role.

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