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Did you hate Bitte Orca? Does it pain you to admit that the first 7 tracks on that record were really good? Swing Lo Magellan was hit or miss, but when it hit, it hit damned hard. A friend dragged me to my first DP show in 2009, and I was blown away by every member of that band. Longstreth’s wacky guitar, the incredibly precise drummer they had, and of course the vocals that sounded somehow more on point than they did on the album. Of course I had to see them when they came back into town in 2012. Dirty Projectors are far from my favorite indie rock band. That belongs to Canadians in various iterations. But they are the most surprisingly good show I’ve ever seen.

It takes like, 1.5 listens to get past how weird Bitte Orca sounds compared to like, Voxtrot or something. It’s like the vocal equivalent of listening to Marquee Moon or Glenn Branca or something like that. It’s not straightforward but it’s hardly unpleasant. Cannibal Resource kicks ass. Useful Chamber does as well. Don’t let Harvilla’s predictable morosity turn you away from two really killer indie pop albums. The new one is good too. I think I’ve listened to Up in Hudson like 45 times already.

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