The event attracted hundreds of developers and entrepreneurs, and featured a talk between Dominic Williams, Vitalik Buterin, and Juan Benet.

As blockchain’s potential to reimagine the world’s systems and services becomes clear, this year’s Shanghai International Blockchain Week, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, was arguably the most important installment ever…

ORIGYN uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to digitally certify physical goods and media.

is a Swiss not-for-profit dedicated to identifying, authenticating, and unlocking the powers of ownership for valuable objects, including luxury goods, fine art, collectibles, and media. As reported in

The peer-to-peer layer enables secure, reliable, and scalable communication between subnet nodes on the Internet Computer.

By Yotam Harchol, Research Scientist (Networking) | DFINITY

The Internet Computer blockchain empowers developers to build consumer-facing dapps entirely on-chain using , making it possible to reimagine web services, DeFi platforms, social…


The Internet Computer is a revolutionary blockchain that hosts unlimited data and computation on-chain. Easily build scalable dapps, DeFi, websites, and more.

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