Defiking Adjustment Announcement

Defiking, an experimental platform for autonomous DeFi launched by the community, has gained the enthusiastic support of the community since it was launched. Based on a comprehensive consideration of the Defiking, a healthy and stable long-term development of DeFi platform, the Defiking Foundation decided to change the platform’s operation strategy and DFK Tokenomics: the total amount of DFK originally projected to be issued will be changed from 1 billion to 10 million.

At present, DFK has two contract addresses and the total amount of DFK is as follows:
ERC20 contract address:
0xa17de0ab0a97bc5e56fa8b39ebfc81cc3f1f349e, 1 billion;
TRC20 contract address:
TSAqYo6BeyMQhzHbj2xHu2enXxQnetx6yz, 100 million.

The sum of DFK issued on two contract addresses together after the adjustment will be: 10 million

The specific method of adjustment is as follows:

The ERC20 DFK will keep a total of 8 million in circulation. The 890 million tokens in the mining pool according to the original plan will be locked when 5 million tokens are mined. The locked 885 million tokens will be transferred to the black hole address for destruction along with the 107 million preserved for the team and ecosystem.

The TRC20 contract retains a total of 2 million. The remaining 98 million DFK on the Tron chain will be transferred to the black hole address for destruction.

Current distribution: At present, DFK has a total of 4.5 million pre-mined on the two public chains and 500,000 locked for investment institutions. That’s 5 million in total.

The remaining 5 million will be released through Staking mining (, 100,000 tokens will be generated every day, and mining will end in 50 days. DFK DeFi Dapp, a platform integrates a variety DeFi contract mining Dapps, is about to be launched. DFK will serve as a token for the DeFi Dapp platform and the currency of DeFi Dapp aggregation platform by then. User benefits include, but are not limited to, the DeFi commissions for decentralizing transactions, liquidity mining, etc.

Defiking is committed to building an innovative DeFi experimental platform for community

Defiking Staking address:

Defiking Foundation
September 03, 2020



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