Freedom Through Discipline

Only through a structured routine. Through consistency. Through daily discipline can we fully achieve freedom. But what is freedom? We must first define what our own personal freedom is. For me, it is the the ability to consistently improve my self so in turn I can hopefully help improve the lives of others.

I finish every morning shower with a blast of ice cold water for at least thirty seconds. Why? Aside from the documented physiological improvements, it reminds me how fortunate I am. I have the choice, the freedom to turn my comfortable, pleasant feeling warm shower into an uncomfortable barrage of icy needles. But for the majority of the world they have no such luxury. This simple daily reminder of how fortunate I truly am sets up my path of daily discipline which in turn leads to freedom.

The vast majority of the world’s population spend their days fighting for the essentials in order to simply survive. So make one or two uncomfortable choices throughout your day just to remind yourself of the freedoms we possess. Find your own personal discipline and follow it daily. You will be surprised at what kind of freedoms a rigid discipline will bring you.