KeePass Password Security Database — Easy Setup Procedure for the Professional Version for Desktop or Laptop

Step 1: Visit, download the professional version of KeePass labelled “installer”, then install the program.

Step 2: Open KeePass and select File → New to create a new database.

Step 3: Name your database file (or use the default name created by KeePass), then click “Save”.

Step 3: Create a master password for your database. It’s best to use a longer password and to include special characters (this will be the one password you’ll need to remember to access all of your other passwords). The “Estimated Quality” bar will grow from red to green as your master password becomes more advanced. Click “OK” to save the master password.

Step 4: Give a relevant name to your database (e.g., “Tina’s Accounts”), then click “OK”.

Step 5: Familiarize yourself with the main database view. Groups are listed in the left pane, and individual accounts are listed in rows in the right pane. A couple of sample accounts appear for you to explore. Feel free to delete these sample accounts.

Step 6: Create a new account entry by right clicking anywhere in the right pane and selecting “Add Entry”.

Step 7: An “Add Entry” dialog box appears. Complete the fields marked “Title”, “User Name”, and “Password”. If your account is an online account, feel free to paste the URL of the login page in the “URL” field, and type any relevant notes in the “Notes” field. Then click “OK” to create your new account.

Step 8: After you click “OK” the new account will appear in alphanumeric order in the right pane with the other accounts.

Step 9: Save the database by clicking the diskette icon, or by typing CTRL-S.

Step 10: Your database is saved. Explore its functionality. For example, you can copy usernames and passwords to the clipboard by right-clicking on the row of the account in the right pane, or by clicking the relevant buttons on the toolbar (the bust of a person wearing a red tie = copy username to clipboard; the key on top of a piece of paper = copy password to clipboard; the globe icon = open URL in new browser).