Peak Content
Erica Berger

I thought this was a smart piece. I run the communications department at Brookings. We publish about 20 pieces of content from our scholars a day which makes our website more prolific than just about anything but a media site and it means that we are very much thinking about these issues. I came on about three years ago and since then we’ve been working hard to make our scholar’s content more accessible in both its form and delivery to the world because a) no one knows who may be the person to put a solution into practice; and b)we need to help our scholars be heard above the cacophony. See things like this: and things like this (top 100 on iTunes)

We’ve also added more than 10 new blogs, created immersive storytelling products like this: and done a lot of work to unpack reports. So far, the results have been extremely encouraging but I think we have a lot of work left to do. I think the verdict is very much still out on who will survive the winnowing, but I just wanted to stress that its not just media that is thinking about these issues.