Quick ESEM14 Twitter data analysis

Davide Fucci
Oct 2, 2014 · 2 min read

During last ESEM I have stored the conference related tweets for a small data analysis. Let’s see what the results say.

  • Total tweets: 188
  • Tweets by hashtag: #esem14 (100), #esem2014(75), #eseiw2014 (17).
  • Number of retweets: 114
  • Number of tweeters: 58
  • Top 3 tweeters: SoftEngResGrp (21), mendezfe (15), scbs (13)
  • Top 3 re-tweeters: SoftEngResGrp (12), mendezfe (8), mtorchiano (7)
  • Top 3 discussion engagers (i.e.; who replies the most to others’ tweets): p_diebold, phisaz, prof_wagnerst.
  • Top 3 retweeted messages: #1 (13), #2 (12), #3 (7)
  • Top 3 favorited messages: #1 (7), #2 (6), #3 (6)
  • Location: Turin, Italy (16) and Västerås, Sweden (2)

Here is the word cloud for the tweets’ text

Few considerations. Not much action going on considering the few number of tweets (188 in one week on a field of ~250 participants to the conference).

The topic that generated more buzz (see retweets and word cloud) was Gualtiero Bazzana’s keynote and his statements about productivity.

Finally, the germans seems to be the most comfortable in discussing over Twitter.

In case you’d like to check the data by yourself, the sqlite database file I have used is available here.

(Some limitations. I forgot to include hashtags related to co-located events like PROMISE and ISERN and IASESE).

Originally published at dfucci.co on October 2, 2014.

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