Take-aways from ICSE14

I have attend ICSE2014 last week in Hyderabad, India. I was there to share my research ideas and get (and give) feedback to other fellow Ph.D. student. 
 It was my first ICSE, I have followed most of the events during the week, including the main conference.

First and foremost, I wanted to make some data analysis on the, really active, Twitter feed using the #icse14 hashtag as reference. The idea was checking what kind of topics are hot and how such topics evolve during the ICSE week. 
 It did not happened. Twitter allows to access the last 7 days of the stream (and, yes, I have had other things to do, so it has been 14 days already). On the bright side Twitter gives the possibility to access a larger part of the stream if you apply here
 It is fascinating how these days researchers use Twitter for PR. There was a gossip, during the week, that someone even bought a bunch of twitter follower to re-tweet his paper and advertise the participation to his talk.

Moving on, I’d like to share the best paper (IMHO) I have seen around during the week. 
 Coverage Is Not Strongly Correlated with Test Suite Effectiveness by Laura Inozemtseva and Reid Holmes. 
 Very though-provoking and challenging what could be considered common knowledge. Moreover, well presented by Laura, who got a lot of pressure from the audience. Warmly recommended reading.

A final though about the differences between ICSE and other conferences / communities. For sure ICSE is diversified: a broad spectrum in which experimental SE is raising just lately (or at least that’s the feeling I had). There two sides of this: you get to go out of your comfort zone and talk to people with different backgrounds / interests, which may be a good source of new ideas (I had many, mostly talking with people interested in SE teaching and MOOCs). On the other hand it is really difficult to stay focused on the sessions that are closer to your interests. Personally, I had to spend a not insignificant effort to switch contexts between sessions.

That said, I am looking forward to ICSE15 in Florence.

Originally published at dfucci.co on June 2, 2014.