Why I still don't know how to meditate

I'm tired of trying to meditate. Now I will meditate!

Every time I try to meditate, some strange thoughts comes to my mind. Sometimes I think about what I'll do on my workday, or if I'll get fat because of something that I ate in the night before, even what is the TV show that I am missing.

But mostly of the time, it's something about my future. Something like "Why do I go to work everyday?", "Why didn't I open my own business?" and "Am I doing something worthy in my life?". These questions don't let me to focus, to concentrate, to fell my breath.

So I decide to accept my thoughts instead of trying to suppress them.

Acceptance, what a wonderful word!

Acceptance changed my life. I accepted that sometimes it is better to think about the problems we have in our minds, and try to solve them. And I know that I'll never regret of doing so. Even better, I hope that by solving my problems (or part of them), that will help me to meditate!

Maybe I found a way to do better meditation: Solving my problems!

Or maybe not.

Only time will say that. But for now, that's what I'm doing. Hoping that it'll help me on life.