One-Sided Surgical Conversation

Take everything off gown on opening to the back socks on feet
My name is Jackie, I will be your admitting nurse
Anything to eat or drink since midnight?
Medication this morning? 
Any allergies? 
Why are we doing the procedure
Loose or false teeth
Metal or implants in the body
Any pain
What’s a tolerable pain level for you
Do you use sign language
This is consent for the procedure
Did you check your wrist band? Name date of birth correct? 
Is this medication list correct
Discharge instructions 
No driving today
No alcohol
Rest and relax
Lots of fluids
Eat light
Possible blood in urine is normal, call md if too much blood 
May have burning when you pee, we give medication that causes the urine to be bright orange prevents burning 
20 minutes
Vital signs
I’m going to start an iv, start fluids and before you go into the operating room I will run an antibiotic 
There is one other procedure before yours

I am David RN please tell me why your here

Are you taking Diazepam?
Any questions?

Hi! I’m dr Mxxxx. I’m ur anesthesiologist
Just a nap with medicine thru the iv
In the room, we will put the monitors on and position ur legs while ur awake
Then happy juice Maggie and alexia more nurses I.

Hi I’m Brenda . I’m you’re nurse here in recovery room.
Are you comfortable? You are getting up soon . 
And you will get something to eat in the next room stage 2 recovery . 
You need anything?

Hi I’m Susana I’m going to be your nurse here?
What would you like to drink?
Apple/cranberry juice
Soda/ water?
Do you want ur dad to come in and sit with you?