How Virtual Reality is Changing Storytelling Forever
Adriana Vecchioli

Amazing article — thanks for sharing. This piece might convince those who are still doubtful in the power of VR. The Times did an excellent job by sharing the story “The Displaced” together with a simple tool on how to experience it (Google Cardboard).

Once there’s more content like that and distributed headsets — more people will get on board. There still are technical limitations as you mentioned — the sound is something of a challenge. Haptic suits are working on touch sensitivity and I think there’s a startup that’s working on smell.

Yes, we are going to look extra dorky with all the gadgets on our bodies and faces, but if we are stepping into an amazing experience for a brief moment in time. This can be chance to be in space without spending $$$$$ for the flight, it’s a chance for your grandmother to climb Kilimanjaro or your cousin to see your wedding day even though you’re thousands of miles away.