WebTalk Review

I published already a few articles on the new rising social platform WebTalk, on its versatility and how it will change the way we use the social media. It will happen once all the Beta tests are completed.

I was surprised to find a few reviews that do absolutely nothing to explain how it works, the benefits and how it can save us precious time and effort. I am speaking now mostly for people that use social media to run a business, that spend countless hours and lots of money advertising, calculating conversions, ROI and so on. The people that wrote reviews are simply stating a few facts and then they push THEIR business in front of the readers’ eyes.

WebTalk’s mission is to bring back the credibility and trust people once had in social media. I just read yesterday an interesting article on how Facebook is inflating metrics, deceiving companies about the results of the advertising campaigns. Facebook reported also over 250 million fake accounts. Some people have numerous Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. When it comes to Twitter, it is easy to find how effective is any post: those thousands of impressions mean absolutely nothing if there is no interaction and no one clicks on the link. (So check out how many times your followers interacted with your posts). As for LinkedIn, just by reading a few profiles one would think there are only rocket scientists here — why? Because lots of people are desperate to find a job and they inflate the credentials.

I am not saying WebTalk is perfect — not YET! The team is working very hard to fix all the bugs and the founder is updating daily on the progress. This is the purpose of Beta testing.

Some “reviewers”said “oh, just another MLM social media”. It is obvious to me that they never took the time to read what WebTalk is all about. The main goal is to merge the best features from the platforms everyone loves, solve their biggest pain points and add unique features (there are quite a few of them).

Platforms like Webtalk take a long time to generate advertising and subscription revenue without a large user base because Webtalk is FREE and always will be.

That’s why they are offering all of Beta testers (YOU) up to 50% of their revenue for LIFE, that will begin paying AFTER they complete Beta testing, for helping them grow a strong, healthy community. It is the way WebTalk is rewarding the early users and promoters. We work together to build something that will last for years to come.

Once the Beta testing is complete, everyone will be competing for referrals against professional marketers and publishers, including celebrities, social media influencers, top digital marketers, top network marketing executives, journalist, top websites with a lot of traffic and alike. And the commissions will be only 10% of the revenue generated by the direct referrals FOR THOSE WHO JOIN AFTER BETA but remain up to five levels for those who joined during beta (a few conditions apply).

Either way, the choice is yours — it’s either spending time and money on different platforms, fighting algorithms, sending messages to people that are not interested in what you have to offer OR you can spend less time on a highly segregated platform where 100% of your contacts will see 100% of your posts (either clients, investors, family, friends or co-workers).

Customized Profile Page on WebTalk

What do you think of such a cool Profile Page? You can customize it anyway you want and advertise your business from the front page. I don’t know about you, but I simply love WebTalk!

If you decide to join this cool, young community, here is your personal, free invitation! As I mentioned earlier, the access is FREE, by invitation only! Let’s connect!