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Frelinghuysen has a right to communicate his concern.

THIS, is propagnada and conjecture:

Rep Frelinghuysen’s actions are disturbing and alarming….

Avelenda chose to resign. She had a choice to engage in her right to free speech.

O’Dowd chose to contact Avelenda’s boss. He had a choice to protect Avelenda’s right to free speech.

Avelenda’s boss had a choice to protect free speech in his confrontation of Avelenda.

And yet, liberals like Rupar and WNYC are content to mindlessly contend that one party is violating another party’s rights and that’s all there is to see here folks.

WAKE UP! There is a systemic problem here, and it is that Americans no longer believe in their basic rights, the very ideals that created this country. Cowardice all down the line from Frelinghuysen down to Avelenda! Instead, Americans have succumbed to the praxis of saving face and pointing fingers.

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