This summer, like most summers, I fly fished. Unlike the last two I didn’t fly fish nearly as often as I would have liked. Mostly because all of august was virtually a drought here in Nova Scotia. But the spring was amazing fishing, some of the best I’ve had the last few years.

Why do I like fly fishing so much? One is the art and challenge of it. The rhythm of casting and the challenge of trying to get better. There is also the skill of reading water and looking for fish and trying to figure out where they may be. I’m not particularly good at that mind you, but I like trying and learning.

And then of course, there is the scenery. I take a lot of pictures when I’m out fishing either my iPhone to capture, as best I can, the soothing water and scenery.

Early in the spring when the water is high and cold. Sometimes there is still snow on the ground. It might even have been too cold for fish to be very active. But I’m out there anyway.

And as we go into later spring and early summer the water warms and drops. Things get greener and warmer. Beautiful morning with golden sunlight.

And sometimes I actually catch fish. Beautiful brook trout like this are the reason I love to fish. And yes, after taking this picture and with minimal handling I released it unharmed. I always pinch the barbs down on my hooks and play the fish as little as possible to preserve the beautiful resource.

And then of course there are the smallmouth bass. Smallmouth are invasive here and so some of them I do keep. They are quite delicious and catching your own food is a rewarding feeling.

Later into the summer and everything is so green. But it is the sound of the water rippling by me in the stream I love the most.

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