Robots and taxes: not as straightforward as it sounds
Enrique Dans

It’s certainly a starting point. Like you said, its a complex issue but at least some of the larger tech magnates and visionaries are posing questions and possible solutions, even if only partial ones. I also welcome some of the discussions happening around the world on Guaranteed Basic Incomes. It seems to me there are three paths before us, two of which aren’t particularly good and unfortunately it seems to me that those are the two most likely right now. One is essentially reactionary luddism. The second is the entrenchment of the Neo-Liberal Capitalist system run amok, with further concentration of wealth among the very top and a widening of the income distribution gulf. This results in something similar to many a dystopian cyberpunk novel. And the third, which to me at the moment seems the least likely, is essentially the Star Trek world of the future. In which automation and robots do the vast majority of work, all humans reap the rewards of that and live in relative luxury, and people just do what makes them happy.

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