As a member of the Happiness in Training Community, I wanted to invite you to take this survey to help me understand how to serve you better.

I have been learning a lot from others who have already taken it.

Can you relate to these responses?

“I lack a definite purpose and goal in life. I have believed that it will reveal itself to me magically, and am just now realizing that it is foolhardy to expect that.”

“It’s very difficult to be happy during these current times. …

3 Simple Steps and a Daily Practice

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In January, I began working with a transformational eating coach (yes, that’s a real thing and it’s been…dare I say transformational!). One of the first things she asked me to do was to write down all my beliefs about myself. Anything at all that I believed was true about me. Sounded easy enough.

I believe I can’t lose weight.

I believe I’m not smart.

I believe I’m shy.

I believe I am a slow learner.

I believe I’m not pretty enough.

I believe my lack of confidence holds me back from reaching my full potential.

I believe it is easier to love myself when I am happy with the way my body looks.

5 Ways to Get Unstuck and Start Creating Again

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Does this sound familiar to you?

Working from home. No more commute time.

I’m going to take full advantage of the morning. I’ll wake up early, exercise, write or work on my own creative endeavors, eat a healthy breakfast at the kitchen table with my partner, and be ready to start the workday by 9am.


Wake up. Body feels tired and run down. Coffee first. Grab phone while coffee brews. Check Twitter feed.

Numbers still going up. Yet we’re still reopening.

Hatred, violence, and injustice abounds.

The world is awful, and we’re going to die.

Candy Crush.

10am. Guess I’ll start work now.

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Habit formation or habit-breaking is a universal human struggle. There are countless books written on the topic. Experts outline the best strategies and defenses for making and breaking habits. Like most people, I find it to be an up and down roller coaster ride. I slide in and out of habits, both with great ease and great difficulty. The bad ones happen with great ease and the good ones come with great effort.

For most of my life. I’ve tried to create the habit of losing weight.

It’s taken me years to realize that losing weight is not a habit but a goal. There are plenty of ways we can create habits to achieve the goal of losing weight, but losing weight itself is not a habit. But for a long time I was convinced that if I constantly ate healthier and worked out harder, that I could eventually just be in the habit of losing weight. I wanted it to be happening automatically so I wouldn't have to keep thinking about it. …

3 Ways to Preserve the Good and Let Go of the Bad

Remember when we could travel freely and drive wherever we pleased.

Remember when we could meet up with friends and connect with the world.

Remember when grocery shopping was simple and uncalculated.

Remember when you could fill your day with meetings, social events, and family activities that kept you occupied from sunrise to sunset.

Remember when the beaches and mountain trails were free to roam at will.

It’s easy to remember what used to be from the lens of rose-colored glasses.

But I also remember another world that I’m not so eager to return to.

Remember when getting across town was a nightmare, and traffic was relentless.

Remember when lunch with friends was crammed between meetings and you looked at your phone more than you looked at your friend. …

A Slogan for the Corona Virus Pandemic

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We’re all in this together.

When I first heard this slogan being used in response to the corona virus pandemic, it felt trite to me. I wanted something more inspiring and courageous. Something that recognized how all of our personal experiences are different.

Like many others, I felt a disconnect from the celebrities in their luxurious homes spreading this well-intentioned message. My 19-year-old niece says she and her friends mockingly console each other with this slogan as they wonder how this will affect their ability to pay for college and rent.

Even Lady Gaga has recognized the dissonance and expressed it on her virtual visit to the Jimmy Fallon show…

Skills to Embrace the Goodness of Human Nature

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Pandemic Panic.

We’re all feeling it.

The emotions that come with navigating a nationwide shutdown, observing a global economic crisis, and handling our own personal lives being turned upside down. It’s a lot to endure at one time.

It’s also unique for the entire world to be experiencing this turmoil simultaneously.

Stop for a moment and contemplate this. You are not alone in feeling the tornado of emotions rising in your chest.

There’s a comfort in that.

The connection to humanity is palpable. Billions across the globe are dealing with identical problems, fears, and anxieties. …

Resources for Hope and Inspiration During COVID-19

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Like the rest of the world, I have been riding the wave of uncertainty, feeling anxious and stressed while desperately trying to keep things in perspective and not go into full-blown panic mode. Unlike the rest of the world, I am not glued to the doomsday news cycle getting filled with fear and dread.

Several years ago, I opted to forgo mainstream news in favor of curated information through a trusted network of friends, bloggers, and podcasts. This helps me avoid information overload and the misinformation, opinion, and “fake news” that results from 24 hours news cycles and the burden of having to fill the infinite cyberspace. Author Ryan Holiday writes about this idea in his article, Why Everyone Should Watch Less News on He quotes the CEO of the American Psychological Association, Arthur C. …

Finding Body Acceptance in a Perfectionist Society

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It’s been a slow awakening. Subtle yet glaringly obvious all at once. I feel like an insane person finally recognizing my insanity. My whole life I’ve been chasing an insatiable ghost. I’ve been hoping, wishing, dreaming, fantasizing, agonizing, pleading, desperately grasping for the perfect body. I’m not obese. But I’m not a size 0. I’ve never had the ideal body that I see in my Instagram feeds, or in television ads, or in the vision that lives in my head. …

The Wisdom of Renunciation

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the formal rejection of something, typically a belief, claim, or course of action.

The word renunciation does not invoke a sense of joy or freedom. Embedded in the word's definition is a staunchness and restriction. When we think about renouncing something, we think about giving something up.

But there is another side to renunciation that is just the opposite. There is a positively liberating side that is overlooked. Buddhists have known this side of renunciation for thousands of years. It is one of the core practices that they teach.

Buddhist nun Pema Chodron describes the positive connotation that it means to her.

Renunciation does not have to be regarded as negative. I was taught that it has to do with letting go of holding back. What one is renouncing is closing down and shutting off from life. You could say that renunciation is the same thing as opening to the teachings of the present moment. …


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