Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Day 3 of 31 Actions in July

We are into Day 3 of Action for Happiness’ month of ways to build resilience. For previous days, go here and here.

Day 3: Adopt a growth mindset. Change “I can’t” into “I can’t… yet”

This is one action that I have to be diligent about. It seems easy to have a growth mindset when things are going great and life is running smoothly. But as soon as a challenge occurs or an obstacle comes up, it’s easy to want to run away or avoid the conflict.

What I like to do in these situations is remind myself how good it feels when I grow and step out of my comfort zone to accomplish or experience something new.

I also like to remind myself that the more I practice feeling uncomfortable, the more comfortable it will become.

That is how we cultivate a growth mindset.

Take small, manageable steps forward, reminding yourself that the reward comes from trying.

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