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Day 30 of 31 Days of Action

July is almost over. If you’ve been following along each day, you have gone 30 days practicing resilience. I hope you are seeing some results. I know I am. In fact, it’s been serendipitous on many days when I open up the calendar to see the tip for the day. The tips have been surprisingly relevant to specific circumstances happening on the given day. Many days the tips have helped relieve an anxiety, solve a problem, or shined a new light on a situation providing much needed perspective. Today is no exception.

Day 30: Ask for help from a friend, family member or colleague

Asking for help was never a strong suit of mine. But in more recent years, I have been seeing the benefits of learning this much needed skill. My biggest aversion to asking for help has always been not wanting to put someone out or rely on someone else. Yet I’ve been realizing that people like to be helpful. If you ask nicely and explain yourself clearly, people are more than willing to assist if they can.

My boyfriend and I recently bought a pop up camper and have been traveling to different campgrounds in California and exploring our state. Last night, we checked into a site and set up our spot. Stephen got to work on the water and electrical hook ups while I got to work on the interior set up. All was going great until I tried to use the kitchen sink. The water sputtered out for a few seconds and then came to an abrupt halt. After that, nothing. No water.

Stephen spent the next two hours troubleshooting what the problem might be. After driving for 6 hours, not eating dinner, and being exhausted from frustration, I finally told him we should just go to bed and figure it out in the morning.

The morning came and a good night’s sleep had given Stephen some more ideas of how to fix the problem. Unfortunately, none of them panned out. We had water running from the shower faucet and water running from the outdoor faucet but still nothing coming out of the kitchen sink.

We finally decided to go to the campground store and ask for help. We walked in to the cashier and Stephen explained the situation and asked if she knew anyone who was handy with this type of problem.

There happened to be another worker in there who overheard and he offered a few suggestions. After a few minutes of talking we had a couple of other customers who had listened in and began to offer more help. One of them was nice enough to offer his assistance and walked back to the camper with us to check it out. After looking at just a few things, he quickly discovered that the problem was the simplest of things. The aerator was clogged on the faucet.

Sometimes being steeped in a problem has you focused too deeply and you assume it must be something beyond your scope of knowledge. When in fact, it might only take a new perspective to step back and find a basic solution.

Asking for help solved our problem and at the same time it opened a door to a community of people who have all been in similar situations. The people in the store were happy to share their experiences in hopes that it would assist us in ours. We now have a working sink and a new friend.

One other thought I like to keep in mind when I hesitate to ask for help is to ask myself if I would lend a hand to someone in my situation. If there is something I am asking for help with, I always know that it is something I genuinely can’t solve on my own or can’t handle on my own. And whenever I receive help from someone else, I always make sure to return the favor or better yet, pay it forward to the next person that needs it.

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