This is What You Need to Prepare for Tough Times

Day 26 of 31 Days of Action

Resilience comes from learning and experience. Having an attitude of curiosity helps to make even difficult situations meaningful because we can find a way to learn from them and use them to help us down the road. Today’s Action for Happiness tip focuses on this aspect of resilience.

Day 26: Identify what helped you get through a tough time in your life

It’s important to step back from time to time and examine how youarrived at where you are. Rehashing difficult times is not something many of us enjoy doing but if it is done in a way that is constructive, you can find some important lessons to draw upon.

Identifying what gets you through tough times can help build confidence. If you know that you are strong and determined and can point to situations in your past where you’ve handled struggles with strength then you can draw on that confidence for current struggles.

When I think about past tough times in my own life, I can credit support from friends and family as a big factor in helping me through. Connections with others provides extra strength when I think I don’t have any left. Knowing that someone else believes in me or is counting on me gives me a big boost and allows me to rise above my own lack of confidence. Having an outside opinion has often offered a perspective that I was too narrow sighted to see in the moment. This has really helped to open my mind and my heart to different ways to solve a problem or difficult situation.

I don’t always remember to use my support system when I need it most. That’s why doing an exercise like this is important from time to time. Recalling how useful and helpful it was in the past can be a good reminder to myself for the next time I am struggling.

As I said, resilience is about learning from past experiences. If we are prepared with coping skills when struggles arise, we will find it easier to get through them and bounce back to happier times.