What keeps you writing & What advice would you share with other writers?

“Don’t be your own worst critic” Cate Allen

“Don’t be afraid to write poorly — just write” Gino DiIorio

“No thinking, that comes later, you write with your heart” Lorin Howard

“Ignore feedback! (until you’re really ready…) Peg E. Rollens

“Write Crap! Crap leads to the great stuff” : ) Rachel

“Fake it until you become it” Teresa Wash

“Accept feedback with grace — but remember that it’s still your play” William Fowkes

“Bliss comes from within!” Charlene Donaghy

“Dreams are your reality” Tania Wisbar

“The creation of beauty is the only appropriate response to ugliness” Anonymous

“Walk, walk, walk, — and then write, write, write!” Bobbi Boes

“Keep writing even if you break your heart” Teresa Wash

“Look people in the eye” Anonymous

“I write because I have to.. it gets those voices out of my head.” Anonymous

“Always be curious about the light in dark places.” Caroline Altman

“Reach out to other writers for help!” Elana Gartner

“Follow your heart. No holds barred.” Suze

“Stop complaining & just do it.” Rachel Bublitz

“Don’t hide the bacon.” Tari Stratton

“EARN LIFE. Write it.” Noelle Viñas

“Always be writing…” Robin Byrd

“Persist, Persist, Persit.” Rich Espey

“Turn on some music!” Robin Wallace

“Keep moving forward… don’t censor, don’t use the backspace on your keyboard.” Mary Garrison

“Buy an old typewriter and write!!” Michael Garrison

“To avoid criticism: say nothing, do nothing, BE nothing.” Anonymous

“Keep your honor.” Ruth Cantrell

“Take heart: ‘Resistance is futile’.” Walter Cuirle

“Compare and Despair!” Lisa Lampanelli

“Don’t let a lack of forward education hold you back, but ask questions!” Diana Burbano

“Your 1st impression is your LAST.” Anonymous

‘Write drunk, edit sober.” Hemmingway via Paul Engle

“You can.” Tari Rice

“Ignore (and kill) the inner critic.” Laurel Wetzork

“Dare to suck!” Katherine Murphy

“Do what you love. Love what you do.” Andrea Markowitz

“Write through the shit. (It doesn’t stop ‘til you do.)” Tira Palmquist

“Some say never give up — but others need up –give it!” P. Milton

“Write drunk, edit sober.” Hemmingway via Bob Nell

“Get up and get to it. Sit down & write.” Anonymous

“Tell the truth — without fear or favor.” Anna Forbes

“Light incense. Put on a music source for Tibetan bells. Write.” Anonymous

“Never be afraid to fail.” Christina Ham

“Can’t finish till you start!” Michele Raper Rittenhouse

“Your voice deserves to be heard.” Anonymous

“Music and the thought of realizing my story helps me push through the block.” Kyra Clay

“Sit the fuck down and write!” BV

“Always keep listening. Find someone to listen to.” Julian Hornik

“Believe in yourself. No on can write you better.” Gary Garrison

“Shine because you can!” Anonymous

“It’s just a draft.” It’s ok if it sucks.” Anonymous

“You were there only one there when the paper was white!” Ralph Sevush

“Just don’t weaken!” Gwen Flager

“Writing is my purpose.” Patrica Walkley Wolfe

“Visit the offices of DGF.” Roland Tec

“Write for an audience that is smarter than you.” Llyod Richards via Doug Wright

“Trust that your brain and hand are connected!” S. Rinear

“Tell everyone in your household to leave.. for a couple of hours.” Kim Stinson

“Be proactive.” Rebecca Stump

“Write the culture forward >” Gwydion Suilebhan

“Finish what you start!” Mary Jane Walsh

“Write the bad first draft” Carole Real

“Only you can tell your story.” Seth Cotterman

“Find a person who is worse off than you. Then, write a play about them.” Donna Darby Andreson

“Make your ‘best’ better tomorrow than it is today.” Todd Snod

“Get stuff on stage no matter what!” Jack Karp

“Just keep moving on (Re)write.” Justin Schwartz

“Jump into something new and don’t look back.” Patrice Cassedy

“Don’t write what you know — write what you WANT to know.” Jennifer Blackiner

“Be kind to yourself.” Mark Krause

“Write because your voice deserves to be heard.” Lynn Lobban

“You just can’t beat a real voice speaking words out loud.” Anonymous

“Always listen to the still quiet voice” Ruth Ann Adam

“EVERYONE has a story to tell. Start with yours, and go on from there.” Laurabeth Breya

“Never erase! Keep it for another time.” Roz

“Funny is money.” Fred Gratzon

“Follow your dream.” Sharon Rose

“Get it done.” Anonymous

“If your blocked, get up, take a walk, then come back & rock it!” Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

“Someone needs to hear what I have to say.” Anonymous

“Plow through!” Susi Westfall

“Don’t write a musical unless you love who you’re writing with.” Anonymous

“Write like a Wallenda!” L. Silvestri

“It’ll be alright in the end and if it’s not alright it’s not the end.” Alan Alexander

“What keeps me writing is believing in myself and not being afraid of rejection.” Dolores Sendler

“Write what you want to know.” Josh Hartwell

“Trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail while you are at it!” Laurie Flanigan-Hegge

“Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Anonymous

“The ball is always in your court!” Micheline Auger

“My intense desire to express the inexpressible, to touch, to move, to awaken all that is in my heart.” Julie Daniels

“Truth always plays great on stage.” Michael McKeever

“Write an hour every day.” Nick Myers

“Dramatists Guild Fund saves creativity!!” Dahlia Wilde

“Never let anyone take away your story!” Christine Toy Johnson

“attack.” Anonymous

“Be passionate about your work!” Anonymous

“If you don’t believe in you no one else will.” Larry Dean Harris

“Research first! Then write!” John Lacey

“Sing out Louise! Your voice needs to be heard.” Francesca Peppiatt

Seth Cotterman, Director of Marketing & Outreach, Rachel Routh, Executive Director, and Tessa Raden, Office Liaison

It isn’t always easy, but all of us at DGF are committed to helping in every way we can so your voice is heard. Without you and the work you do there would be no theater.


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