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Are you looking for new boiler finance? Wish to buy new combi gas boiler? Want Gas Safe Registered Installers? Here, we will tell you about the things you need to remember when looking for a new boiler finance deal.

New Boiler Final — Where to start from!

Always start by doing some research on your own. It is important that you know what type of boilers you want and how much you are willing to pay.

Profile of the Boiler Installer

The reputation of the boiler installer needs to be checked before everything else. If the boiler installer company has reputation of faulty installations then don’t consider hiring them. The word of mouth holds great significance, ask people about the overall performance of the boiler installer company. Shortlist the top companies with the best work record.

Boiler Type

You need to have significant information about the latest gas heating boilers available in the market. A boiler should function properly and cost you less. Technical knowledge about the gas heating boilers is a plus. Make a list of the boilers that you would likely consider.

Advice from the Experts

While your own knowledge is good enough, however, never shy away from talking to the experts of the field. A boiler engineer’s advice can be very helpful for you. An expert can help you decide what sort of a boiler you require on what type of boiler finance plan.

Never commit to the First Company you visit

Always keep your option open and never commit to the first company that you visit. Heat them out, investigate their best boiler deals but do not commit. Don’t be hasty, visit all the top companies and choose the boiler finance plan that serves your purpose.

Choose the best New Boiler Finance Deal

Compare all the boiler finance plans offered by different companies. Choose the best that looks transparent without any hidden expenses. A boiler finance plan should actually do what it says.


Boiler finance makes it possible for everyone to get a new boiler replacement if they are unable to pay upfront. Contact us for any further assistance in getting a boiler finance deal.