Why Does Everyone Want to be The Visionary?

Team Dynamics

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts and discovered Michael Potts who has done a lot of research on thinking styles. He used his findings to define and describe a framework for how different entrepreneurs think.


According to Potts, true visionaries tend to have perpetual ideas. They are very creative and wake up thinking that today’s ideas are going to be better than yesterday’s. They will have great conversations for the rest of their lives but nothing will ever get done if there is not balance on the team. While the visionary may have the ah-ha moment, that initial product spark needs to be nurtured if it is to grow into a successful business.


Potts says that the builder is the opposite of the visionary. This person tends to provide practical balance to the visionary and will be both organized and structured. Builders are focused on continuous improvement and efficiency; how can things get done better, how can things get done faster, and most importantly, how can an initial product spark be brought to life.


The architect is intellectually driven around finding ways to untangle complicated or novel challenges. According to Potts, the architect will take a problem, methodically evaluate it and will come back with an elegant solution that someone else would likely not have considered.


And finally, Potts’ last thinking style is the cultivator or, the people person.

Foster The Team

Your team needs all of these thinking styles to turn your initial product idea (or vision) into a successful business venture.



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