YETI Coolers: Strategic and Creative Loyalty Plan

I’ve developed an increasing interest for B2C Loyalty programs because they require a combination of data driven strategic thinking, with creative implementation to delight the customer. As a thought experiment over the past weekend, I designed a Loyalty Plan for one of the great Austin, Texas brands, YETI.

Why a YETI loyalty program?

The goal of the YETI loyalty program is to drive increased LTV, retention, advocacy through creative engagement with users, and diligent tracking of customer activity.

What is the process to strategically plan the loyalty program?

  • Baseline KPI’s:

Designing an initiative to develop customer loyalty begins with customer data. We will baseline the performance of customer satisfaction, repeat purchase, referral, and lifetime value. This requires working cross functionally across CX, IT and Data teams to track and understand these customer behaviors.

  • Uncover levers to improve KPI’s:

Each unique YETI customer group represents a different product use case and opportunity. Customer data should be collected to map behaviors to the KPI’s of the business. Once understood, this information will inform and design YETI programs. Examples:

  1. College tailgate fanatics, who own 2–5 YETI products and who value quality, may have the highest level of customer satisfaction and repeat purchase.
  2. Camping parents who load up their cooler and bring their kids to Texas State Parks all winter may refer new customers more than any other group.

Customer Persona Information

  • Demographics
  • How did the customer receive their first YETI product?
  • Family Role
  • Core Values

Customer Product Behavior

  • How many YETI products does the customer own?
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • What products does the customer own?
  • Where and how often does the customer use YETI products?

Design and test initiatives that improve levers:

The following section describes a vision of how we may design marketing initiatives based on customer truths.

Creative Vision:

The loyalty program for YETI will involve an ongoing process of understanding customer data. In order to discuss how a creative implementation of the idea may be executed, I’ve outlined an idea for a loyalty program called the YETI Adventure Club.

What is the YETI Adventure Club (YAC)?

When an individual buys a YETI cooler, they are self-identifying as part of a unique community of outdoor enthusiasts, pros, tailgaters, and backyard barbecue kings. The YETI Adventure Club (YAC), simply makes this official, providing any new YETI product owner access, appreciation, and community.

What does it mean to be part of YAC?

1. Access:

With an individual’s entrance into YAC, customers gain exclusive invitations to a series of meetups, guided events and content that focus on the values of the YAC community. Working alongside the Creative, Brand, and Retail team, we will develop a series of experiences geared at driving increased retention and advocacy. This may include:

Event Access

  • Happy Hour events at the YETI Flagship location
  • Bait and tackle discussions with local fishing pros
  • Tailgating for collegiate football games around country
  • Franklin’s BBQ food tasting
  • Pontoon boating & drinks

Brand Access

  1. First access to new products
  2. Butterball Hotline” like support for grilling tips
  3. Intros to the YETI staff
  4. Tier 1 Product Support

2. Appreciation:

The YETI Adventure Club is also about appreciating a customer’s investment into our great products. It starts with recognition of the little things, like birthdays and anniversary of their first YETI purchase. Drive customers into the Flagship store for a round of drinks on us, or discounts on partner restaurants like Franklin’s when you wear YETI apparel.

3. Community (#WeekendsarefortheWild)

The YETI Adventure Club is a community of people with a set of similar values, where stories and adventures are shared. Working with the marketing team, it would be powerful to crowdsource content from the YAC community that is featured across the YETI social channels.

One example of a community initiative is “Weekends are for the Wild.” ***This is fully inspired by “Saturday’s are for the boys” from Barstool Sports. The idea here is to create a community around getting outside on the weekends with YETI products and sharing your experiences across social media. The best posts from every weekend that are tagged #WAFTW and @YETI are invited for drinks at the Flagship store or gifted new YETI Swag.

How does YAC Benefit YETI?

  • A direct line to consumers:

YAC is a direct line to consumers to better understand behavior and interests through a rapid increase in consumer data collection. Through a series of multi channel marketing strategies, we will develop a deep understanding of community behavior to increase brand engagement and sales growth.

For example, in order to participate in YAC for access, appreciation, and community, customers must provide their email address. Email addresses are a powerful asset in the marketing world, and can be used in the following ways:

  1. Facebook Custom Audiences and Lookalike audiences to increase marketing advertising efficiency
  2. Drive adoption of other social channels
  3. Match to cookies and device IDs and stored in a DMP for display buys across the web
  4. Google Custom Match
  • Increasing brand advocacy and awareness:

Everything designed for the YETI Adventure Club is designed to drive love and loyalty for the YETI Brand. Access to YETI meetups, events, and content keeps the customer delighted and encourages brand advocacy. Content driven from these events and “Weekends are for the Wild” is shared (and tracked) across media to increase brand awareness. Appreciation should be genuinely for the purpose of acknowledging that the next 10 years of YETI will grow as a result of the people who support it.

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