5 Remarkable Tips to Avoid Being Cheated While Selling Gold

There are myriad of reasons behind, when someone chooses to sell their gold and silver Jewellery. You may be going through financial crisis or you are tired of wearing same old Jewellery again and gain.

Here we will discuss five crucial tips that will help you while selling gold and silver.

1. Identify the worth of what You Own

The value of the gold Jewellery can be calculated on the basis of purity, condition and weight of the items you want to sell. You must have an idea what will affect the value of your items.

For Instance, value of precious metals can be determined by melt value. The remarkable value of the coins are still worthy.

Having an approx. idea about the spot price of gold in the market is necessary. You must have an idea that some dealers will often offer a lower price than market as they need to keep a check on operational costs and overhead.

If you really don’t have an idea of what you have, take idea from people and shop around you.

2. Make a Thorough Check for Local Dealers and Online Dealers for the Best Rates

Are you planning to sell your gold or silver Jewellery to buyers of gold in Bangalore?

Well, you must be aware of all the available options. One of the most common options available to you is online dealers and local precious metal dealers. Online Dealers usually offer better rates. Selling your gold online provide you a feeling of comfort. Even then the necessary steps must always be taken while choosing an online buyer. If you pick to sell your gold Jewellery to an online physical store, don’t forget to check their customer reviews before finalising the sale.

3. Be Aware of Cash-For-Gold Dealers

Are you looking to make quick cash? There are lots of stores that will directly offer you cash for gold. These dealers may seem like fast and easy options to sell your gold and silver. They can catch you in their trap. They are more likely to use instant cash by buying your gold for prices much lesser than what actually your gold Jewellery is worth of.

4. Read Everything Carefully

Always read the terms and conditions always before selling your gold or silver Jewellery online. A genuine website will have its terms and conditions on their website for quick look. A authentic site always have right price quoted for gold Jewellery. Review all this to avoid expensive mistakes.

5. Make a Note of the Credentials

While finalising the deal, you must ask for proof of registration of the client being issued by their respective government.

A truly licensed and genuine buyer will almost always ask for a valid license proof from the sellers. If this does not happen, keep moving around till you find the right one.

A genuine and licensed buyer always asks for valid license proof from the sellers.

Searching and finding the right buyer for your valuable metals is a tough task. DGold is one of the leading gold Jewellery buyers in Bangalore offering best buy backs, through our Spot Valuation and Settlement process.