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A home for all, or at least most, of my articles on Medium.

Daniel Goldman
Feb 25, 2019 · 6 min read

I’ve written many articles on Medium since I started writing here back in January of 2019. I’ve also copied over some of my articles from other platforms. If you’re interested in how my first year turned out, you can read about “My First Year With Medium.”

Some people focus on only a handful of topics, but I’m a jack of all trades, and I write about so many topics that it can get overwhelming. In fact, I’ve been a top writer in at least seven different topics, at one point hitting seven at once! To help me organize everything, I’ve created a number of publications. But these publications aren’t necessarily the best way to find interesting pieces.

I’ve written about many topics from politics to science communication, and also been killing some time writing haiku and other shorts, since Medium is absurdly slow on Saturdays and Sundays. Because I’ve written so many articles on so many topics, I decided towards the beginning that I should write index articles that cover the basics of each topic, and give references to further reading material. Here’s as detailed a list as I can create. I’ll try to make the indices themselves as interesting as possible to read as well!

I’m constantly updating these pages, so please feel free to check back frequently. You can also sign up for my newsletters. They’re infrequent right now, but will grow in frequency as the email list grows.

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I have a home page which acts as a more general master index for all of my projects, and which has a lot of contact information. The page is an expression of my own personal brand, and while my brand may not be all that important to the world, my personal brand is the most important brand that I own, just as everyone else’s personal brand is the most important brand that they own.


I write so much that in order to keep everything organized, I have to split everything into different publications. And now I have so many publications that I actually feel that I need an index which is dedicated specifically to listing them all!


A lot of my work falls into more general philosophy, including epistemology, philosophy of science, ethics, and so on. I’ve written about weird topics of paraconsistent reality (reality where two contradictory things can both be true), about the nature of personhood, and much more.

Natural Science

I don’t really think that there’s a solid distinction between natural sciences and social sciences, or hard sciences and soft sciences, and I explain why in this index article, but a number of my articles to fall within the realm of what’s traditionally considered natural science.

Poetry and Stuff

I’m not necessarily the best poet, but I’ve written a decent amount of haiku and other short material to keep myself busy when I have writer’s block, or when Medium is slow. There’s also some more theoretical information in some of my articles, for people who are interested in the linguistic aspect of haiku.

Food and Drink

I am absolutely obsessed with eating. I don’t gorge myself by any means, but I love trying new food. My priorities are so food-centric in fact that I’ve been known to hold off buying new shoes, etc all so I can get one more meal in with my budget. Hopefully writing about the food I eat will help me get some extra spending money so I don’t have to choose!

Aside from being a huge fan of eating, I also like cooking, and have a number of articles on food. Since this page is almost an “about me” page as well as a directory, I’ll add that aside from my interest in cooking for myself, I would love to open a restaurant one day. I’m thinking that a high end bed and breakfast/inn would be a great option.


This index covers various general entertainment discussions, including my gaming hobby, some reviews of various television shows, and material that I write for my entertainment related publication, Geekers Keep.


I’ve been using computers for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a computer in my home, even at a time when a lot of families didn’t have personal computers. I’m obsessed with tech nostalgia and the future of technology, and have even created a publication focused on those topics, Technology: Past, Present, and Future.


If there’s any field which covers the majority of my interests, it’s anthropology. I never finished up a full degree in the topic, but I do have a minor in anthropology, and a decent amount of formal education in the field. I’ve also written heavily on the topic of anthropology itself, and have written a number of papers on various anthropological questions. One of my cornerstone pieces on anthropology as a field is “You’re Just an Anthropologist.”

Cultural Politics

Some of my anthropology articles are a little more politically charged, and so I think some of them deserve their own category. I’ll probably have some overlap between these articles and the articles listed in topics of sex and gender, as well as others, simply because so many issues can become political.


I’m not religious, and I never have been. However, I’m quite interested in religion from an anthropological point of view, and I do like to keep an open mind. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the nature of religion itself, have written a few scholarly pieces on the topic, and I’ve even created my own pseudo-religion (Penguinism).

Public Health

I write heavily on the topics of public health, vaccines and epidemics, gun violence and how it relates to public health, and other related topics. If you’re interested in my views of handling antivax sentiment, epidemiology, and gun control, this is probably the index you’ll want to browse through.

Political Theory

I’m an anarchist, and my outlook on politics is in many ways driven by my anarchist world view, but I also try to maintain a grounded perspective. I try to use science as much as possible in order to justify my position, and have even started an entire area of study that I refer to as “technoecology.”

Economics and Blockchain

I’m a capitalist. I write to inform, but I also write to get paid. The point of getting paid however is to acquire resources that are beneficial to myself, and to others. I’m also a socialist. The guilds that I’m supporting are cooperatives, and cooperatives are inherently socialist. It might seem odd to say that I’m both a capitalist and a socialist, but my articles go over the nature of both economic systems, and how they fit together. I have a whole article dedicated to “social capitalism.”

I also think that blockchain technology is the future of governance and economics, at least to a large extent. I’ve been involved in blockchain technology for most of the time that it’s existed. I was interested in Bitcoin pretty early on. Unfortunately I didn’t grab too much and lost the hard drives with what little I had, so yay… But I think blockchain technology has a lot of potential, which is why I have the BCU Times and have also started my own blockchain project: World Builder.

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