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Why I Index my Articles

Whether I’m a good writer is something that can be argued. But it’s hard to deny that I’m a prolific writer. I’ve written so many articles, on so many different topics, that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. A lot of my articles are organized into publications, but I also want to organize my articles by topic as much as possible, in order to make it easier for my readers to find my work. And so, I’ve written a number of index pages on Medium to do just that.

I have a “Master Index”, which links to a bunch of different index pages on topics like philosophy, poetry, food, and many others. My writing is about as diverse as it can be after all. …

It’s time to accept transracial people.

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For centuries, people believed that humanity could be split into biological races. Those who were black were born from black families. Those who were white were born from white families. Race produced race, just as kind produced kind. But those notions have long been rejected by science. Genetic data indicates that race is not biological. We cannot determine lineage based on outward appearance.

What does it mean to be black? What does it mean to be white? What does it mean to be a member of any race, and who decides? These questions are very similar to questions of gender and the acceptance of transgender people. …

Honest answers to Gracie Cunningham’s Video

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Recently, a TikTok video by Gracie Cunningham went viral. She received a lot of negative attention, but also plenty of defense for her video. To be blunt, the questions in her first video were apathetic at best, and much of her claims were outright false.

Part of the problem rests with the “education” system, but each individual also has a responsibility to seek out knowledge and better themselves. Luckily, after the viral response of her first video, Cunningham produced a second video that did ask some interesting questions.

Questions and Answers

In the second video, the questions were more honest, and they are worth answering. Apathy should be criticized, but true inquisitiveness should always be honored. …

If money was no issue…

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The question of what I would throw into my dream home is something I’ve spent a considerable amount of time pondering. Given all of my hobbies, it would take quite a large home to truly incorporate everything. Here’s my dream home wish list.

Life Indoors

I love nature. And I want to bring nature inside as much as possible. My ideal home would have an indoor greenhouse and pond, attached to a master bedroom. …

Using Blockchain to monetize our daily activities for a more prosperous future.

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Universal Basic Income is crucial for driving a more prosperous future. Individuals should not have to work tirelessly just to survive. There are some people who disagree with this view. I won’t get into the ethics of the issue. Instead, the view that I propose here is merely practical. Creating a basic foundation will improve economic output. People will be able to spend their time improving themselves and the world, rather than struggling to survive.

As efficiency is increased, more resources are available for all participants in the economy. Therefore, even though lower income members of society benefit from basic income, there is no reduction in wealth potential for other members, and indeed wealth potential increases, as efficiency increases. …

I shouldn’t have splurged, but I did. So I’m writing about it.

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Caviar, sea urchin, and other deliciousness

Caviar and sea urchin are two foods that people generally either love or hate. I love them. They’re really wonderful on their own, but they’re also delicious paired together, and with other ingredients. They add a sense of luxury to a meal. The options are endless. But what if you’re not familiar with either, or you’re not sure what to do with them besides just eat them by themselves?

I have to admit that I have expensive tastes. I don’t mean that I only eat expensive food, and I also don’t think expensive has to mean good. But a lot of the food that I like simply is quite expensive. My budget, sadly does not match those expensive tastes. However, since I’ve been staying home a lot, thanks to everything that’s been going around, I haven’t spent too much at restaurants lately, even if I include takeout. …

Before, Now, and In the Future; Here and Elsewhere

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What can we say about the origin of life, or what form life may take in the future, and elsewhere in the universe? It can be troubling that all we have to work with is what we current can observe here on Earth, but this one “laboratory” still gives us volumes of information to answer these kinds of questions. For a more in depth analysis, you can check out my detailed paper on the topic: The Progression of Life: Before, Now, and in the Future; Here and Elsewhere.

Science and Predictions

Scientific inquiry allows us to develop and test theories. We use those theories to make predictions. It’s true that we’ve never observed life beyond this world. Likewise, before we landed on the moon, no person had ever walked on another celestial body. And yet, astronauts weren’t afraid that they would float away into space after taking their first steps on that alien hunk of rock. …

An important distinction that drives how we fix the problem.

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Everyone knows that there is systemic racism against blacks in America. Except, that may not actually be the case. While racism does exist, and racism needs to be addressed, such racism is expressed by individuals, not the system. Instead, what first appears to be systemic racism is actually residual race dynamics. These two phenomena are extremely different, and how we deal with these two problems is just as dissimilar.

Dynamical Systems

So what do I mean by “residual race dynamics?” In order to explain this term, I need to first address some math concepts. Mathematics is not just something we learn to get through high school. …

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Hello readers,

The country continues to burn as riots erupt across the United States. People are angry. It’s not surprising. People have been locked up for two months and any spark was enough to trigger a wildfire.

And there is plenty to be angry about. There’s really nothing wrong with anger either. Anger is good. Anger means that we want change and that we haven’t given up. The problem is that anger has turned into rage and that people have been made angry at the wrong thing.

Anger and Rage

I’ve written about anger before. Anger is our mind’s way of saying “hey, this isn’t right!” It drives us to act when things are wrong. And that’s good. Without anger, we simply remain complacent. Anger yields change. But rage is different. Rage is uncontrolled. Rage does not create change. It just creates destruction. When anger turns into rage, we hurt ourselves more than we hurt anyone else. …

Common Theme: Technology

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I watch a lot of anime. It’s a diverse genre with many different art forms, covering just about every kind of story that people have conceived, from comedy and slice of life, to psychological horror. Anime isn’t just for children. Indeed, many anime, including some very interesting, though quite disturbing, horror shows, would probably leave a child scarred.

As diverse as anime is as a genre, it’s still fairly niche, even if it has gained popularity in recent years. However, while anime is already a niche form of entertainment in and of itself, there are plenty of lesser known series out there which are absolutely phenomenal. The three series that I want to cover in this article are Outlaw Star, Gun x Sword, and Serial Experiments Lain. …


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