When The Brook Dries Up //

As I get older I’m starting to now understand more and more how important it is to have the right outlook in terms of going through the different ebbs and flows of life.

Yes, I’m only 26, and one could argue I haven’t seen anything yet, but not approaching these seasons with the right outlook has the potential to cause us to miss the various opportunities for personal growth along the way.

Primed Force, a clothing brand I started building a year ago, isn’t my full time job, in fact there are many other important things like my actual day job that come before it. But I bring it up due to a situation I had recently with an employer.

I was currently working a job that was paying me well, and gave me the time to focus on the things that I wanted to, and was probably the most easy going due in part to having a great manager. But 6 months in I was offered a position at another company that I couldn’t pass up.

Long story short I took the offer, and was supposed to start a week after I accepted. The week came to start, and I got a call that my start date would be pushed back a week, and I figured a week wouldn’t be too big of a deal, so I thought.

A week goes by, and I got the call again, that it’d be another week, and I got the call again….you get the picture. On top of that I had just purchased a new car…and the pool of income saved started to dry up quick.

I really didn’t know what to do at this point, I had thought about rejecting the position and going somewhere I knew I’d get a job and atleast be able to get the funds to start coming in again…but I decided to be patient. It wasn’t the easiest decision, but I decided to trust that God had my best interest in mind.

The next day after talking to a friend, I got the call, that I’d be starting that following day, and while I was a bit broken down in spirit it was quite the relief. It did set things back in terms of being able to work on Primed Force, but I looked for other ways to continue to build the brand in a positive direction.

I write all this to say that, the the brook will dry up at times, you will grow weary and tired, it’s part of life. But it’s in these times that we are tested, it’s in these times that we are able to grow, it’s the faith that we have built in the little things that allow us grow and make it through the large battles that are up ahead.

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