Flyers are a marketing tool that never gets outdated, thanks to the degree of personalization they offer. If you are planning to use flyers to promote your business or make an announcement, consider using the right designs and content to get the best results. Choosing the right paper and size is also important. Your printing company can help you in this. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right paper size for your flyers.

For additional promotions, use A7

A7 is used for printing the smallest flyers. The dimensions of A7 leaflets/flyers are 105mm X 74mm. This size is perfect for flyers announcing discounts or offers. Whether you are printing flyers for online stores or brick and mortar stores, A7 is the best size. Remember to keep the message to the point and be as clear as possible with the call to action. You can also use A7 to give a glimpse of upcoming product launches.

For direct mail campaigns, use A6

Direct mail is a focused campaign technique. With digital printing, small orders of A6 flyers cost less. The size is close to that of a postcard (148mm X 105mm). A6 flyers are best for combining promotional offers with slightly longer messages. If you are looking to give away flyers with in-store purchases, A6 is the ideal size. This size is the best for handouts for event promotions and announcing free trials as well.

Use A5 for door-to-door leaflet drops

For promotions that require more space for longer messages, A5 flyers (210mm X 148mm) can serve the purpose. They are half the size of the standard A4 size and fits well in the pockets of your customers. It is recommended that you use both sizes depending on your purpose. A5 brochure printing also works with direct mail marketing, trade shows, product launches and door-to-door drops.

Use A4 to provide more information

Usually, businesses choose A4 when they need the largest size for their leaflet marketing. The effectiveness of a flyer depends on a catchy design and a manageable size. The best thing about A4 brochure printing is that it allows you to get creative with your visuals and text. The size of an A4 flyer is 297mm X 210mm. If you want to explain your products or services in detail, go for A4. A4 flyers can also be folded in half.

DL sheets make for easy-to-carry flyers

This is a popular layout and DL size flyers can be inserted in envelopes. They are a great fit for the pocket and can be exhibited in trade shows in DL holders. The size is a third of that of A4 (210mm X 99mm). They are also useful for door-to-door marketing. Your printing company can help you decide whether it is the right size for your marketing campaign.

Use square flyers for an innovative design

The popular square flyers come in a range of dimensions, including 140mm X 140mm, 148mm X 148mm, and 210mm X 210mm. Square leaflets can be used for unconventional marketing campaigns. You can also print a small number of square flyers using digital printing, along with other conventional sizes. They are quite effective for direct mail campaigns as well.

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