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CVBanai — Online CV/Resume Builder is an online CV/Resume Builder website/application, first time created successfully in Bangladesh, which helps you to build your CV/Resume easily in minutes and customize your CV/Resume whenever you needed from your profile.

Facilities we will provide

CVBanai provides you much more facilities to help you with building your CV/Resume and customizations at your need. It is very handy for all classes of users (Students/Job Seekers/Job Holders etc.) who are looking to create CV/Resume for various purposes, such as looking for a job, applying for Higher study abroad and so many purposes.

Some times it becomes very confusing for people when making a CV/Resume…

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Source Image: Fan-made Art, Dota 2 All Heroes

What is DOTA2?

DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. The initial version of this game was actually a Map Mod of the game Warcraft III. Due to the huge popularity of this Mod gameplay, Valve hired the Mod maker in 2009 to develop DOTA 2 and it was officially released as a game in 2013.

The basic gameplay of DOTA 2 is 5v5 real-time battle. Each player chooses a “Hero” to play. Opponents always try to pick the Counter-hero, but which hero is counter of which one, only can be acknowledged by playing thousands of…

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