Strategies to Prevent Shoplifting and Employee Theft

DG Safty Securities. Technical Service office Abuja

We have developed strategies to combat crimes like; shop lifting, suspicious mall movement, robbery attacks… security threats in general.

In partnership with the DG Safety Securities a subsidiary of Donalds Multi-Concept Nigeria Limited. We have received honorary recognition with the Nigeria Police Force for our competencies and professionalism.

Security Survey over the last 5 years has shown that retail business in 2011 annual survey results estimated a loss of N35 billion in sales the prior year due to the four major sources of shrink: vendor fraud, administrative errors, shoplifting and employee theft-the last two accounting for the vast majority of losses.

That’s down from the previous year’s survey findings, but there’s no telling what shoplifters will be up to this coming “EMBA” season, so now is the time to take measures to protect your business & family.

Tips to prevent shoplifting

Loss experts agree that a crucial way to prevent shoplifting is to have well-trained and alert employees who how to spot a potential shoplifter. Employees need to watch for customers who:

  • Avoid eye contact
  • Appear nervous
  • Wander the store without buying
  • Leave the store and returns repeatedly
  • Linger in a location that employees have a hard time monitoring
  • Constantly keep an eye on store employees and other customers.

In addition to training your employees to spot shoplifters, general shoplifting-prevention techniques include:

  • Staying alert at all times.
  • Greeting all customers.
  • Asking lingering customers if they need help.
  • Knowing where shoplifting theft is most likely to occur in the location.
  • Using a log to share suspicions about shoplifters among employees.
  • Displaying signs that “Shoplifters will be prosecuted.”

When shoplifting is suspected, it’s crucial for your employees to know how to handle incidents. The Los Angeles Police Department recommends that retail employees:

  • Never directly accuse anyone of stealing (call security instead).
  • Give the person a chance to pay for the item they “forgot” to pay for by asking, “Are you ready to pay for that?” or “Can I ring you up?”
  • Never try to physically stop a shoplifter. Call security.
  • Cooperate fully with center security and the prosecutor if/when the time comes.
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