How To Pace Up On Your Download Speed?

In order to learn new ways and hacks to increase your download speed, you must first learn what they actually mean, for instance, we all know that speed is also denoted as MBps (megabytes per second) or Mbps (Megabits per second). Let’s conduct an in-depth analysis of getting you ways to get your internet speeds improved.

What is the speed you’re supposed to get?

Service Providers tend to offer and advertise the potential speeds but you’re not getting anywhere close to the advertised speed when you actually start using their services. The best thing you can do in this situation calls your ISP and inquire about the speed you should be getting.

At What Distance Are You From The Exchange?

If your home or the place where you have your connection set up is at a fair distance from the phone exchange then there is a high probability that you won’t be able to get the maximum speeds. However, people who might be living in a closer vicinity to the exchange be experiencing a better internet speed.

Try Out Internet Speeds With A Different Router/Modem:

One of the main reasons your internet might giving you a less than potential speed is due to a bad modem. I have been using quite a few modems that I thought might be performing and giving out fantastic output. I was getting lower end services for quite some time, which I thought was a problem on the provider’s end. Before approaching the provider, I gave it a thought and changed my modem and miraculously the speeds spiked up and drop outs stopped exponentially.

Watch Out For Viruses and Malware:

Make sure that your speed is not getting affected by a virus or any malware. Malware can reside on your computer and get your resources extracted from the system and that includes slowing down your speeds. Get yourself an effective scanner that could find out the main reason you’re getting a slow internet speed without affecting the speed of your system.

Look Out for Factors Interfering With Your Speeds:

Many virus scanners or any other programs installed in your system can scramble your internet. This can get quite frustrating but you can resolve this just by shutting them down one by one. Run the speed test again. Make sure you have an effective antivirus installed and be prepared for any malware you might get through in the process.

Check Out For A Different Provider:

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