Is Your Network Secure?

When you set your Wireless Router in your house you tend to forget it even exists. As long as it is working, things are good. Maybe we have to look at it on and off esp. from potential threats and freeloaders. Here are some tips that can provide you comprehensive ways to secure your Wireless connection.

Change Your Router Admin and Login Password:

All routers have a generic username and password if they are given a password at all. You need to type it in when you login for the first them to access the router. Change them both. If you won’t change them it is extremely easy for anyone who gets physical access to the router and messes up the settings. If you have forgotten the password you can always reset the factory settings to get in using the generic information.

Change SSID:

The service set identifier or SSID is the name that broadcasts from your wireless device so that your device becomes searchable. Generic SSIDs makes it easier for others to get an ID on the type of router you’re using. Try to give the network a personalized alias. Changing the SSID also helps to kick off users that you don’t want to share your bandwidth with.

Enable Encryption:

There is no Wi-Fi that comes without an encryption. It is the most important thing that you should do to protect your wireless network. Look for security options in settings. All routers will seem different if you’ll look at the manufacturer’s support site.

Protect Your Network with Firewalls:

Routers are built with firewalls to protect the internal network against outside attacks. If it is not activated automatically, activate it. It might be denoted as SPI or Stateful Packet Inspection or as NAT or Network Address Translation. In either case, turn that on to establish an extra layer of Protection. With Frontier high speed internet, you get a secure internet as part of frontier packages offered by Frontier high-speed internet.

Turn your Guest Networks Off:

It is always better to provide guests with an internet connection that is not associated with an encryption. You cannot always trust everyone to give out your Wi-Fi Password. Even if you give it to them make sure you change that later.

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