Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands looking to expand their online presence. If you’re one of the few ones who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you are missing out on a lot of amazing business benefits.

As the social media sphere keeps evolving, people are searching for new ways to get connected online. Instagram is determined to stay one step ahead of its rivals by introducing new features and changes this fall.

Get the most out of Instagram today — take advantage of these new and upcoming features to improve your social media marketing…

As a budding business owner, you already know that you’ll be managing half a dozen duties at once. You’ll be coordinating team leaders, delegating tasks, and managing standard operating procedures every day-or at least until your business can function without you.

Yes, it’s very possible for you to reach that point. However, you won’t reach it immediately.

But in the meantime, don’t lose hope. With how accessible technology is today, even the newest business owner with zero experience can get a competitive advantage-especially through marketing automation.

Automating Your Strategies

Top influencer and digital marketing master says that you should “never delegate something that…

As a marketer, you should at least be familiar with Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Not to be confused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM is a method an online marketing company could use to boost a brand’s online visibility.

Think about it: you’d be more likely to visit a company’s website if it were one of the first results returned when you ran an online search, wouldn’t you?

That’s what both SEM and SEO aim to do; increase and further establish a company’s online presence and make them more visible so their target audience can find them. However, as…

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but for those not familiar with the term, guest blogging is the act of posting a blog or article (with approval, of course) to a website other than your own. This is usually done for several reasons:

  • collaboration efforts
  • partnership/sponsorship events
  • curating community/consumer-created content
  • marketing/advertising purposes

Guest blogging isn’t exactly a new marketing strategy, but it’s definitely starting to gain traction and recognition-especially in the world of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). …

Chances are, you already know how beneficial a content marketing strategy is-whether you’re currently using one or not. In fact, just 3 years ago, a little under 90% of B2B companies reported using content marketing as part of their marketing strategy, and you can bet the number of companies has grown since then.

If you’re new to the game, the idea of content marketing may seem a little overwhelming; fortunately, you’ll find that there are several dozen content marketing tools available, with each one designed to serve at least one function.

Of course, no one’s saying that marketing tools can…

Google’s update to Chrome 77 is now out on desktop platforms, introducing several new security patches and UI changes. Although this is not considered a major update for users, Google announced that 52 security fixes have been included in the latest Chrome. One of those tweaks is a critical patch, while nine are said to be above medium risk.

Make Chrome Your Own

Chrome 77 users will have a new welcome experience that’s a bit longer than the usual single-page walkthrough. Once the installation is done, Google invites users to “Make Chrome Your Own” by adding major first-party applications to bookmark. …

When you decide to work with an online marketing company, you’re sure to hear the phrases “search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing” every so often. If you’re not too familiar with either concept, you might find differentiating between both of them rather confusing-even if you know the basics! And what’s worse? They’re often used interchangeably.

So the question is: are they different from each other? If so, how?

The Difference Between SEM and SEO

Both processes are similar, to some extent; they both aim to increase a company’s website’s visibility in search engines so that their company’s target audience can find them. …

If you’re a marketer or brand owner whose marketing strategy is dependent on social media, then you’re probably well aware by now that social media marketing has a ton of metrics to keep track of. Some of them are extremely relevant, some of them aren’t, and some of them can be just plain confusing. Ideally, you’d want to track all of them.

But realistically?

It’s just not sensible to do so.

As we mentioned, there are dozens of relevant social media marketing metrics. If you’re going to try to focus on all of them, you may end up with a…

The reason marketers keep reiterating that “content is king” is because it is undeniably true. In this age of digital media and advanced telecommunications, content reigns supreme. Whether it’s due to entertainment value or educational value, people love to consume content. They’ll watch videos on their phone, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, scroll through never-ending newsfeeds, and browse hundreds of fun, fresh, and fascinating pictures.

Which is why content marketing is so effective.

Consumers view content as a gift rather than a lure. Unlike old school TV commercials or billboards, where the advertisement is practically dangled as bait, content waits…

Google is making changes to the way it counts nofollow links, which will have an effect on search engine optimization (SEO). Before the company announced the new attribute, nofollow links were considered a directive. Google adhered to it and there was no other choice.

But in the recent change, nofollow will be treated by Google as a hint. This simply means Google has the option to choose whether to use the link for ranking purposes or not. Given that, link building, content marketing, link spamming, and on-page SEO will be affected by this latest update.

Nofollow: A Quick Definition

Nofollow is a value or…

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