It had been a few weeks since I had tried any DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARD products. I finally decided to try the DAIRY QUEEN SALTED CARAMEL BLONDIE BLIZZARD. I accidentally ordered a large instead of the usually Medium lol . There was one little tiny minuscule detail that annoyed me a bit. The spoon was pushed almost all the way into the blizzard and it was very messy and sticky. So I ended up having to lick the spoon clean first before enjoying my BLIZZARD. The BLIZZARD was filled with little tiny crispy crunchy pieces of salted caramel likes of SKOR, DAIM and HEATH bars. Im not sure if the caramel pieces was from any of those mentioned brands or not. They tasted absolutely amazing !!!. The DAIRY QUEEN SALTED CARAMEL BLONDIE BLIZZARD was also filled with little tiny pieces of dark chocolate that tasted amazing as well. It also had little cube cake pieces in it. All the toppings were present all the way to the bottom of the cup. The BLIZZARD was creamy tasty , delicious and sweet.

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