Asians definitely do have a more unique and interesting tastebuds than most of the rest of the world. Some of their flavours and ingredients seems to have infiltrated other cultures as well. One of those flavours that has succeeded in the west in many different forms is wasabi. WASABI OREO is brand new and exclusive to CHINA ( of course you can buy it online anywhere ) from NABISCO. Thees are made with the chocolate OREO biscuits. They are the same size and shape as regular OREO cookies and with the very brittle fragility of Asian OREO cookies. The cream is a pastel green colour that looks nice and smells sweet. The cream was salty , spicy and had a milky cream flavour to it. As a whole cookie this WASABI OREO was chocolatey , salty, spicy and a milky cream flavour to it. Tastes slightly better with the OREO biscuits .