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How AI, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning improve Medicine

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As this pandemic is getting into its final phase. We all start to wonder how we can fight illnesses and diseases in the future. Especially since we are also dealing with an ever-growing and aging world population.

We are currently spending around 7.8 Trillion dollars each year on healthcare around the world. And that has been an estimate from 2017 so certainly more by now. That’s about 10% of the world's GDP.

Even worse the health spending has already been increasing faster than the GDP before the pandemic. …


Will AI replace musicians?

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As we are starting the year 2021, we have to talk about something that has been brought up a lot lately. As more and more people spend their time at home, creating, listening, and using music in various projects becomes a more central part of many lives. The first successes in music generation, production, and editing done by Artificial Intelligence-driven software are staggering and will accelerate this trend further.

Now I don’t want to say that AI will completely automate the music industry in 2021, but creating professional quality music is definitely becoming easier and cheaper in the near future.

Automatic Music Generation using AI

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A complete overview of all AI trends (we know of) coming at you

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AI has made incredible progress over the last decade, and better tools and models are being developed every day. From GPU-Acceleration to Natural Language Processing progress, we have seen accelerators and enablers taking shape and move huge amounts of investments in the most recent past. Deepmind showed us just this week again that things thought to be impossible for another decade can become a reality in no time.

Ranging from Smart Robots to Neuromorphic Hardware, we will have a look at the top 13 AI trends that will be on everyone's mind from now until 2025.

I am in no…

At the start of the Gartner Hype Cycle for a reason

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The market for AI services is estimated to exceed 5.5 trillion dollars by 2027. A platform dominating this market could have almost unlimited growth potential. Millions of GPU hours are consumed every few days to train bigger and stronger AIs for the world. Simultaneously, collaboration and sharing of knowledge is achieved through the thousands of academic AI papers published every year. The sharing of the trained models though, is still in its infancy stage.

This is where AI Marketplaces start their career. Sharing is caring, and if AI developers and companies can turn a profit in the process, even better.

Interpretability in Neural networks using Captum, Integrated Gradients, and PyTorch Lightning. Look into the black box!

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Look into the black box, Image by davide ragusa.


Neural networks have been taking the world by storm. Not a week passes without great news about how GPT-3 supposedly automates yet another language task. Or how AI is helping doctors during the current pandemic.

But an increasing share of the population is becoming more and more skeptical about the turn AI is taking. Did it pick this treatment method because it is the right treatment method? Or because it happened to be the best one for that other 5.29-year-old patient in the training set?

Entire population groups warn us of the implications of bad designs in AI, and we…


AI patent champions of 2020

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As the year 2020 finally ended we can aggregate some amazing statistics about what happened in the world of Artificial Intelligence(AI). This is exactly what the company Global Data did, and they came up with the 10 biggest AI patent gainers of 2020.

We will look into them in order and check out where they are coming from and more importantly what they are working on.


Canon is a Japanese company founded in 1937 with around 200'000 employees, specializing in cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Their well-funded Research and Development team keeps the innovations coming and…

Dataset collections for Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Visualization

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Machine Learning is often treated like this magical tool, where you shuffle your data and cast the gained knowledge into predictions. To do this however you need to gather, clean, and merge huge amounts of data.

We will simplify your life today and give you an overview of the best places where you can find aggregated datasets for all purposes. From geographical data to crime data the potential fields to inspect are fascinating.

1. Google’s Datasets Search Engine

Domain: https://datasetsearch.research.google.com/

As with Google’s core product, you can easily search for the datasets using text. Additionally, you can filter the query by date, data format, and…

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Will World War III be fought autonomously?

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The Militarization of AI is a pretty scary topic, and to quote the head of the British Armed forces.

Robot soldiers could make up a quarter of the British army by the 2030s — Gen Sir Nick Carter

So it will be coming in one form or another whether we like it or not. The technological progress made in the civilian industries aid machines to better see and process sensory data. This progress can also be used to build

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems [LAWS]

Described as the third revolution in warfare after gunpowder and nuclear weapons, LAWS are weapon systems that can identify, select, and…

Everything you need to know about making statistical graphics with 🐍

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Data Visualization is a must and having an overview is invaluable. We value your time and will give you a complete overview of all data visualizations you need. Impress, inform, and most importantly, show off with these essential plots. Our focus is on speed and ease of use. Therefore we will be using seaborn and Python.

The Basics

Seaborn is a Python library build on top of Matplotlib (the standard plotting environment for Python). It is beautiful and simple, and unless you have particular requirements, there is no reason to use anything else.


pip install seaborn


import seaborn as sns

The Data

To visualize…

Some you use daily, some you will be soon

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Best Python Projects, Image By Author

GitHub is where Python has been born from sweat, blood, and coffee. Starting as a small open-source language itself, Python is by now the most popular of them all.

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