Everyone and everything.

Escape to virtuality

A quarter of a century ago, a window into the money of the future opened in Disney World’s twin town in England, Swindon. Yes, Swindon.

Mondex cards, a keyring balance reader and a wallet for P2P transfers

The real story of the invention of the payment card industry

What if coronavirus, rather than commerce, drives us to build the digital identity infrastructure that we so desperately need?

Neither the Fed nor any other central bank will issue digital currency to the general bank.

People will (and should) give up personal data to help tackle an emergency, but that data should still be safeguarded

Why HODL Bitcoin when you can HODL gold?

Your Panel

Time for money laundering on a global scale

Let’s go contactless to beat the virus. Not my words, the WHO’s words.

In the long run, crime isn’t a good use case for Bitcoin

Let’s talk about cryptocurrency and criminals


My opinions are my own (I think).

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