In Chiang Mai — 1 month

It has been 1 month already since we settled down in Chiang Mai. We have used this time to discover a lot of things and we are get to used to live like a Digital Nomad.

Our work life balance has been increased rapidly although our financial situation is going down. It is the first time in my life that I have spent more money than my earnings. That does not surprise me. I told myself, that I cannot be successful only when a night just passed. It is a process or it is a long process. We can shorten this process with different ways for example by outsourcing some works like manage social activities on Facebook, Twitter, Play Stores, answering emails. So that we can do other works that are more important.

Work related

We have discovered working places and where to meet other digital nomads. We have attended the following meetings:

  • Digital Nomad summit 2016 in Chiang Mai — this was cool. Main target of the conference, I think, was for new-comers or someone who wants to be a digital nomad. We did not have a lot of opportunity to talk to the speakers and the visitors with who have the same interests.
  • Digital Nomad coffee and lunch in Chiang Mai — a smaller group of digital nomads who come to have lunch or drink. I like this group as I can talk to other people, learn what they are doing. They also tell their stories such as what they are doing and what are their experiences.
  • Chiang Mai Language Exchange facebook group. Different types of people are coming here, students till expats. A range of ages varies.

We also have searched for different places to work. As I wrote about this last time, my favorite place is at the Main Library of the Chiang Mai university. However, we still look for other places :) It is a lot of fun doing this.

For working details, we have used tools to manage our project. Although we are a small team doing a small project, we need to manage it. My husband is the developer and I am doing everything else. I am a project manager, finance manager, HR director, content manager, marketing executive and I make Simon happy :)

  • Project timeline — use Google spread sheet see picture 1 below.
  • Project requirements/issues management — We have classified all the entries with different types: new requirements, bug, task. Each of them have a priority see picture 2 below.
  • Git version control —
  • Finance and Cost — Google spreadsheet template see picture 3
  • HR and marketing — Google spreadsheet

Picture 1 — Timeline. As you see, we missed some releases already! The green color shows our first vacation. We are invited to my best friend wedding.

Picture 2 — to manage requirements and bugs

Picture 3 — This graph shows our income and expense every month. We have not track any expenses in January. We start in February!

During the day, when we come to work, we have introduced Scrum. Both of us are very familiar with this methodology. We do a daily stand up for 15 minutes to discuss

  • What we have done yesterday?
  • What is the impediment?
  • what we will do today?

It helps us a lot as to know what the other is working on. :)

Personal related

Let’s come back to our story. Until now, we have got

  • 1 year house rental with internet for 1 year contract
  • water delivering (In Thailand, it is much easier to let the water car come to your house every week. They will bring water for you. This water got approved from Thailand Food and Drug Administration (อย)
  • laundry place — 100 m. from our house
  • a motorbike
  • 2 sim cards with a year contract
  • places for exercise
  • different markets to buy raw food
  • different restaurants to have lunch and dinner

An organic food restaurant. The food is very good and the price as well! A post regarding this next time!

That is for today… :)