NPCs follow scripts. They are punch card processor robots, trained to process punchcards.

High school degree: 10 punch card / minute, 5 % error rate.

Masters degree, 20 punch cards / minute, 1% error rate.

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The rule abiding, obedient, authority-fearing conformist NPCs, who had been rewarded to follow the scripts, and otherwise punished if increasing the error rate during script processing, are the employees our corporations need.

They are not rewarded for critical thinking, in fact, critical thinking is something undesirable; at best it’s slowing down the punch card processing rate, at worst it can even increase the error rate, as they might try to modify the scripts on the go. …

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Here is my proposal to solve the current gender equality paradox at the modern workplace. Make this uniform mandatory at every big corporations, such as Google, with a built-in voice distortion modulator. Ban real names and make everyone use a six digit identification number printed onto their helmets.

Once everyone looks the same and everyone has the same robotic voice and you can’t identify anyone’s gender, race, age, everyone would be finally #equal!

…not speaking about the added benefits, such as internal com-link for communications which records and stores everything anyone ever says, and automatically filters out words that aren’t allowed to speak, so no one can say anything offensive ever. Augmented glasses & built-in GPS to locate employees could help to increase morals and to boost productivity. The suit could also collect, filter and recirculate sweat and pee for drinking, which solves the complex issues about gender neutral restrooms as well, as employees never have to interrupt their work to go to the restrooms ever again. …

One of the weakness of old classic cars are the candlelight bulbs. These old bulbs are using a relatively high amount of power, prone to fail and their light is far from optimal.

Luckily, the LED technology advanced really fast since the 80s. Those times when we had only typical red LEDs in electronics are far behind. These days we can buy inexpensive, although very powerful, energy efficient LED lights just in almost every colors with every kind of sockets.

Upgrading the conventional light bulbs on an 1979 Camaro to LED lights will keep the appearance original, while it will add much better visibility & safety. Not speaking about convenience; the lifespan of an LED light is about 25–100k hours, which means you can keep the lights on for 8 years non-stop before they stop working. …


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