Crazy Clingy Girlfriend

Yes and No Means Yes or No or Maybe

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Women are easy to understand; you must learn their psychopathic way of communication. Sometimes, you also need to use your telepathic method to comprehend the real purpose of their actions and the actions you ought to do. Easy, isn’t it?

So, what do you call a girlfriend who is beyond the definition of loving and sweet with the corresponding definition of the not so complicated mind networking? It’s called Crazy Clingy Girlfriend.


Due to the girlfriend’s telepathic way of communication, she becomes a game master in getting mad at you without even telling you about the reason behind her grudge. Once you started asking why she’s mad, she won’t even tell you about it. Additionally, she even gets more furious because you don’t know why she’s mad and will just wait for you to figure it out yourself. This is because she believes that you should know it even though you really can’t put the puzzle together until you will just apologize for the sin you don’t even know.

It is acceptable that one gets mad because you committed a mistake such as cheating, however, the girlfriend find it reasonable to get angry when she found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her in her dream. Yes, it’s just a dream; which is believed by many insane girlfriends that it is a valuable sign about their relationship status. Hence, ending up with an argument because of the cheating scenario in a dream.

By the time you establish an argument and slowly approaching the intense part of it, she may realize that you are making a rational point about the subject, thus, leading her to utilize the PLAN B tactics, tears. Then, making it hard for you to defend the sensible reason you formulated amid your debate, therefore, pushing you to just apologize to end the discussion.

Another psychic situation that makes every guy become perplexed is the “Yes, you can go” trap of the girls when you ask permission to go out with your guy friends. It’s difficult to peruse girls when they say “Yes, do whatever you want”, and when you do, they suddenly text you with these:

“I thought you love me, but you chose your friends over me.”
“Is it that hard for you to understand that I need you by my side right now?”
“You can no longer come home, and if you do, I’ll be moving out!”
“Are you having more fun when you’re with them instead of spending sweet moments with me!?”

Then you can’t stop thinking if she’s breaking up with you, and the boys’ night out ended up becoming a heart-to-heart boy talk, spreading all the advice your friends can give.

Lastly, it is sometimes challenging to become too sweet to her because she misinterprets it as the first step of your apology for some mistake you didn’t know you committed. For instance,

“Hi baby. I love you so much 😊”
“What did you do??!!”
“Why are you being so sweet??”
“Answer me!!”
“Oh! I think that was yesterday, right? When you came home 15 minutes late?? You were with another girl??!!”
“I am breaking up with you! Don’t you ever text me again!!”
“Or don’t call me!!”

Hence, you ended up contemplating what you did wrong, and of course, you ask for forgiveness for something you don’t know.


Relationship these days are connected through the benefits of technology, including the social media and mobile devices. Using this cutting-edge technology, it has become one way to express the hysterical drama of women to their men. Most girlfriends are fond of formulating novel-length messages to demand attention and affection from their boyfriends, thus, sometimes they bring up all the mischievousness from the past and creating a feud. Nevertheless, it is sometimes used as a manner of showing endearment. There are girlfriends who would text you every 5 minutes when you’re not together, and when you delay a single reply because you just needed to use the restroom, she becomes lunatic.

Moreover, social media has become another edge of displaying affection and appreciation for someone. Now, if your girl posts her photo, it is your obligation to “like” her photos on Facebook and Instagram. If the obligation is taken for granted, expect to witness another drama from her. In addition, the worst-case scenario is when she found out that you liked another girl’s photo; prepare for an action drama scene after the thorough investigation. Though liking all her photos in all her social media accounts is a responsibility, posting sweet photos and messages using your own social media account is also a serious duty as a boyfriend. So, don’t you ever neglect this commitment.

As a boyfriend, you are obliged to stay sweet with her physically and emotionally to demonstrate your love. It’s a woman’s nature to feel insecure and to seek affection from their partners to feel a little more special. For example, when you are walking in the park, a girl tends to imagine using her fictional telekinetic abilities to put your arms around her while walking. This type of sweet effort is relevant for a woman’s emotional being because it makes her feel safe, secure, owned, and loved.

Furthermore, surprises play an important part in a relationship, thereby, it is vital to arrange a delightful surprise as a sign of love in the relationship. Nonetheless, if you don’t do this, you will end the day with a petty quarrel until you reach a portion of negative nostalgia.


It’s a bit distressing to have a girlfriend who seems too pre-occupied in receiving attention from her guy and too doubtful on every movement of her boyfriend.

There are moments that you must prove that you’re telling the truth, or else, you’ll see her sneaking in your backyard just to double check if you’re really staying at home during the weekend. She would also probe your family and friends regarding your exact location, or she would simply video call you through Skype.

Furthermore, there are times that when you’re together, she would be so sweet and gentle with you; caressing you like a baby while whispering sweet clingy words in your ears. However, when she hears your phone beeps or vibrates, be cautious and be vigilant with your movements and words because she might misconceive the meaning of everything. An apprehensive phrase will enter her mind,

“Why is his phone beeping and vibrating, I’m not even texting him now!!”

You may also encounter an argument with her because some random girl just liked your photo or even just greeted you a happy birthday on Facebook. Numerous reasons will come out during the debate, and another set of memories will again rise until you ended up begging for forgiveness because someone just liked your photo.

Another social media maniac behavior happens when she mirrors the image of a tenured FBI agent in terms of doing background checks on each girl your friends with on Facebook, and will delete all of them from your friends list because she’s insecure and jealous. She might even know more information about each of them. Besides from only checking your social media accounts, she will also scrutinize all your devices both at work and at home; even when you just changed your password recently, believe me, she already knows it before you do it.

It’s perilous to have a crazy clingy girlfriend, but from my point of view, it’s not a real relationship if your girl isn’t like this.

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