Remote Working A New Normal

It has been close to about 5 months now that the world was hit by a global pandemic called Covid-19. It was something we were least expecting. The economy came to a standstill, people have been getting laid off, they have been trying to adapt to virtual modes of operation at workplaces and several revolutionary changes have taken place across various industries ever since.

Maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, using sanitizers from time to time, etc have become the new way of living. Another new normal that the world has had to adapt to is Remote Working or Work from Home. The top IT companies, MNC’s, start-ups, etc have adapted to remote working given the current scenario.

Working professionals globally were asked to switch to a new normal with respect to operations, reporting, and coordination within a team. Not being physically present at the office or being able to convey their viewpoint was something that had to be dealt with to overcome this turbulent phase.

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Agility and Adaptability is key for successful Remote Working

There were so many employees who went back to their home towns or villages during the Lockdown to be with their families. Connectivity issues, internet service problems, lack of appropriate resources, and a lot of other factors caused a few setbacks in the proper functioning of organizations. This is when organizations and their employees decided to embrace the change with open arms and come out victorious.

Gradually, sitting in front of your laptop screen, attending meetings from 9–5 on Zoom, Teams and Google meet became the new normal. Working with clients, interacting with them, and solving their problems was all done over voice or video calls. Everything was digitalized. Had it not been for the Coronavirus, employees would have been working on projects in different cities and traveling as per the requirements of the client.

Giving presentations to clients in person and creating an impression was much easier. When you are operating remotely, grabbing the attention of the other person on the call becomes even more difficult. People tend to get distracted. This is where your people and communication skills play a huge role.

Professionals who were good at interacting with people and engrossing them in a conversation, could grab their attention substantially and easily adapted to the new normal. Whereas, on the contrary, people who were very reserved and did not tend to interact much, found it fairly difficult to get used to this. Amidst the chaos, there were still a few plus points. Being able to work at your comfort and from anywhere in the world was relieving. Not having to rush to the office in formals every morning and lastly getting a golden opportunity to spend time with your family and loved ones, which otherwise would not have been possible for such a long duration

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Pros of Remote Working

This new Covid-19 world has also caused people from all backgrounds and fields to be at the top of their game. They had to keep themselves updated with respect to all kinds of advancements, new technologies coming up in the market, and simultaneously upskilling themselves accordingly. Only the best of the best survived. A huge number of professionals at top managerial positions were laid off, new recruits joining dates were deferred or their offer letters were withdrawn.

It has indeed been a very volatile and uncertain phase in the history of mankind. You never know what could happen. Keeping all of this in mind, be prepared to give in your best to survive. As long as you are agile, adaptive, and well skilled, you will continue to add value to the organization and be a valuable asset to them. Remote working has indeed proved that “Survival of the fittest” is the new normal.

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