Getting Started with VHDL

A VHDL program consists of 4 Main Design Units

-It is how the system is viewed externally

-It is a description of functionality (Schematic)

-It assosciates Entity and Architecture

-It is used to store a Reusable code(Library)


Entity <name_of_entity> is

Generic Declarations

Port Declarations

end <name_of_entity>;

* <name_of_entity> is any alphanumeric name given to the entity

* Generic Declarations are used to pass information into a model

* Port Declarations are used to describe the input,output pins

$. Port Declaration Syntax:

 port_name1:<mode> <type> ;
 port_name2:<mode> <type> ;
 port_nameN:<mode> <type> 

* port_name is a name given to the port/pin

* <mode> is used to specify the direction of data flow through that pin,
 modes are-
 in -for input
 input signals can only be read from
 out -for output
 output signals can only be written to 
 inout -bidirectional
 buffer -output with internal feedback
 physically it is an output pin but can also be read

* <type> is used to specify the data type of the port
 Some of the commonly used types are-
 STD_LOGIC — Declares a Standard Logic Bit which can have values
 0 (logic low)
 1 (logic high)
 x (Unknown)
 z (Tristate)
 — (Don’t Care)

STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(m downto 0) — Declares a Standard Logic Vector of m+1 bits where port_name(m)signifies the MSB and port_name(0) signifies the LSB.

Note that Every port declaration ends with a semi-colon except the last one

Architecture describes the internal logic of our model,the outside world can only see the port connections and the parameters passed to it.
Note: An architecture must be associated to an Entity
 Entity can have multiple architecture.

Syntax of Architecture:

Architecture <identifier> of <name_of_entity> is
 Declaration of variables that aren’t ports or generics
 Body of Architecture 
End Architecture <identifier> ;

  • <identifier> is the name given to the architecture
    * Variables that aren’t ports or generics are declared before Begin
     these variables are generally Temporary Signals or Constants for interconnections.
    * Body of Architecture is the description of functionality and timing of the model.
     It consists of executable statements

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