Prabalghad trek — something changed

Travel change you. Well, it is true..but if you are expecting the change from the first minute of your travel pans then no. Have patience!

I was reserved person, people don’t usually approach to me for talking. I used to always think at home what is wrong with me? Why can not I open my mouth and remove words? So I started trekking and being out of my comfort zone. First trek was so bad..I was like why people even like to trek? I was all alone and walking and back in the bus sleeping. In second trek I started offering people food and help them. Third and the biggest trek was Roopkund trek where I participated in activities. It was not like I was excited and speak all the time but I used to understand the game and say something in the end of somewhere. After all the treks, at the time of descend I used to think why can’t I fucking open my mouth? why can’t I make people remember me? why do I always be such a dork?

But this time I was rewarded by the sky, things changed for me. I won’t ever forget this one day silly trek – Prabalgad Trek!

We have to travel to some location before starting the trek and every time I was the one sitting near the window and looking out. But not this time. As usual many were late to reach at point from where the journey starts. We decided to make the person dance whoever comes late. So the person selected was not comfortable dancing and did not knew any step. I stood up and said I will dance, you follow me. And all the fun began. We used to anything in rubbish, dance, pull legs and bla bla bla. As the trekking started , people started capturing pictures and I did not make an attempt to be in many pictures. But I was in many pictures than in previous trek. After some time, a boy asked me “teri awaz sunni nahi deti abhi..kya hua?” I was silent again..I don’t whether I spoke that much or not in the trek. At the lunch I was talking again and even the organizer was talking with me. 2-3 friends were talking with me and even made them laugh..what a happy feeling! Organizer even told me to sit beside 2-3 know how it feels when people ask you to sit beside them. While returning, we all played game called “killer” and I was always a victim but then I use to kill people and tell them after game I was not killer..which helped me making friends. At time I was sitting alone in bus and the seat beside me was empty and the best thing happen..organizer came and sat beside me..I was so happy that people trust me and would even like to talk to me. Bad part was I did not’s time I will. After having all this..what makes me happy is receiving people friend’s request on facebook. I don’t mean to increase facebook friend, but I look at it that people remember me and they send me request.

So things have changed for me and now I have decided to go on treks and make new friends every year!

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