You can’t win over your mind atleast not easily

It was a fine Monday morning, went on to work on my regular 9 to 6 job as a software developer. We in the office has a ritual of showing motivational videos before lunch hours, so someone showed a video of a spiritual guru telling you

how to control your mind to gain inner peace

So after watching that video I thought of doing a little bit of experiment with my mind. Not for inner peace but to see whether I can control my mind or not.

I have a Kara(iron bracelet) in my right arm, I have been wearing it since my childhood, replacing it with a wider one or a bigger one as it won’t fit my arm as I was growing.

The Kara that I am wearing in my right arm right now has been there with me since last eight years as I have stopped growing up. So I’m wearing this Kara for such a long time that whenever I take this iron bracelet off my arm I feel awkward like something is missing as my brain tells me that there should be something in my right arm which is not there anymore.

So for the sake of experiment I took off this Kara from my right and started wearing it in my left arm, one other thing that I did was that I set a reminder that will alert me every day at 9pm with the message

Where is your kara

So as the day started I shifted the Kara from my right arm to my left and set the reminder. It felt awkward at first as I or my body was not used to wear that Kara in my left arm, but as always the day ended and I was on my way to home in metro.

While I was ony way my phone vibrated and I looked into the notifications, one of the notifications said

Where is your kara

I glazed onto my left arm, but surprisingly it was not there, it was on the right……… whaaat!!!!

But how..? We as humans want everything under our control and when something started working against our will and If that thing is inside of us in this case our brain, it scares the hell out of us.

I repeated this experiment for 5 more days and everytime without even I knowing it my hands unintentionally took the kara out of my left arm and placed it onto my right, we all know about the voluntary and involuntary muscles of our body, we learned that in school but it was all turned upside down in a simple experiment of controlling my mind and gaining superiority in which I failed badly but I’m not feeling bad about it as it made me more aware about the things that are controlling our every day life.

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